February 1st…Amazing!

I sit on the first day of February amazed.

The world was gray this morning. There were heavy clouds on hilltops, misty air that made my scalp wet, now-and-then a rain shower that made active windshield wipers paramount. These are moves of nature that had been set to play out this morning.

Noon came and so did the big ball of heat. The heaviness lightened. The air became crisper. The showers dried up. Today’s afternoon has been glorious! Again, these moves of nature are just being played out from before the day began.

So, I sit…in amazement.

I have seen January leave. For the first month of 2012, I have seen the goals my family has set, stand at attention, waiting to be accounted for. These goals were warriors fighting against my family for thirty-one days straight. They chewed, gnawed, scratched, dug, punched, kicked, and any other physical brutality you can attribute to them. These warrior goals brought all they had.

It is the first day of February. I sit. Amazed.

My family was able to rest in Christ. These warrior goals demanded our time, our attention, our focus. Christ said, “My yoke is easy. My burden is light.”

I sit, amazed.

When we go, we forget to sit…and rest…in Him.

He stands against the warriors that distract us. We sit. He blocks their advances. We sit. He accomplishes His will. We sit.

In Him.

Even with a Leap Day this month, February will leave and March will come.

Take time to sit…

And rest…

In Him.

And remember, today is National Freedom Day!

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