Prince Ali

I don’t know if you watch Disney movies…but, there are some good ones. When you get a free weekend, check one or two out on your VCR…

But really, Aladdin may be my favorite. Not because of the main character, or the love interest. Perhaps the story grips me…but the Genie. He gets me every time! I end up singing along with him the entire time. Especially when Aladdin is given a new identity as a prince.

Prince Ali Ababwa.

Maybe you can relate with Al and the story line he then proceeds through. I mean, c’mon. A beggar transformed to a prince. That happens every morning, right?


It could.

You see, we wake up every morning as a human, an earthen vessel. We are destined for what the world gives us through our daily interactions, that begin at consciousness as we roll our heads off our pillow.

Then something magical happens…

We. Get. Three. Wishes.

Every day. We get three wishes! Isn’t that awesome!

Three dreams. Three hopes. Three potential realities. We must seek the mighty powers contained in the “itty-bitty living space.” The Lamp unto our feet is waiting to be touched, communed with. The wish, dream, hope, potential is there for the asking.

If we ask from our spirit, He is there to transform us into the Princes and Princesses He has truly created us to be.

Imagine with me: waking up; rolling your head off the pillow; through your spirit, asking Him to lead you and live through you; living the reality of Royalty with other Princes and Princesses.

We only need one wish for that reality to come true. The wish, the dream, the hope, the reality, that you and I are children of God.

Commune with the Lamp. Wish upon the Star. Live the reality that Christ has adopted us into. What a Glorious Kingdom!

And if you are transformed into an elephant, your name may be Abu…and you may be a monkey!

What’s your favorite Disney film that reveals Christ to you?


  1. Michael King · February 6, 2012

    I like Beauty and the Beast for a picture of how Love creates lovability. The Beast tries and tries to escape his Beast-ness to no avail. He gives up on all the trying. Being seen as lovable by Belle is what changes him. I think Jesus sees that way. His love for us creates our lovability.

    • marklchampion · February 6, 2012

      Michael, that’s a beautiful picture! Giving up on trying and receiving Love. Thanks for sharing.

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