Have I got a story for you?

A whopper!

Ok…so. There’s this story that I want to tell you about. It’s a story about this man who becomes “other” to connect “people” to his story. He lives with these people. He shows these people how his story is written by acting it out in front of these people.

He gives the script to the people, each one of them. Or should I say, the people have the choice to take his script.

The cool thing is, some “people” choose to take his script. They read the script. They memorize it. They talk about it. They discuss it. They decide which part of the script means what. They talk about how another’s perspective of the script is right or wrong. They create options and subscripts that present the script in different light.

As these “people” process the script and the writer…they continue their lives.

Certain other people read the script, or are told about the script, or saw the writer living the script in front of them. And they saw the “other” in him.

It gave each one of them a new life.

It made them “other.”

They could not help but join the story. They have seen the preface, the intro, chapter one and more. The writer has specifically asked them to play a part in his story…contribute to the grand story of how his script will be expressed.

He asks, “Have I got a story for you?”

This story is for you. This story is grand. This story is epic. This story has building projects. This story has a love story between a groom and his bride. This story is loaded with anatomy lessons about the head and the body working together. This story is a story about a family, and a father who adopts people and then gives these children a CRAZY huge inheritance.

This story is “other.”

This story is life.

This story is Christ.

What chapter are you in?

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