Did you say bathroom?



“Poo-way-blah-ear-blah-blahnyo?” she repeated.

I don’t quite understand you. Can you speak slower and repeat yourself?

“Pue-do ear all bahn-yo?”


You see, I took Spanish 1 in 8th grade and Spanish 2 in 9th grade. I got to my senior year in high school and my guidance counselor informed me that I had to have two years of a foreign language…IN HIGH SCHOOL!

So, naturally, I enrolled in Spanish 1…my senior year…the teacher was my soccer coach…I lined the field on games days instead of sitting in class…aaaand got an ‘A’.

I took one semester of Spanish in college. I’ve been to Mexico twice, Honduras once, Miami a couple of times, and south Nashville a bunch. Needless to say, I am pretty fluent in the Spanish language. So it only took three times for my player to repeat herself in Spanish to ask me if she could go to…the bathroom.

My reaction reminded me of when people would ask me what church I go to. I would say something like, “Oh man! Good question! Do you have a minute?” and cordially they would respond affirmatively. I would begin telling them my story….

And then I saw it…

The face.

You know. The face. No words would come out, but people would have the face that if words were expressed they would say something like:

“What in the world are you talking about?”

Then, as I would close the story up, people would come back in by saying, “That’s good bro.” or “Cool.” or “Did you say bathroom?”

Ok. They didn’t say that last phrase. However, that’s what I said to my player. After the face dropped off of me. I understood. I had learned, prior to this statement, the words that my player was expressing. It took a minute for the language change to register.

But it did.

When we speak the words Christ has shown us…and even more, when we allow Him to speak through us…the language people may not be familiar with WILL register. You see, because deep down they know Him. Their spirit will awaken to Him…because He is speaking to their spirit.

You will see the face drop, and His face appear.

I encourage you to speak His language. I encourage you to commune-icate with Him so that others can as well. And when they say, “Did you say bathroom?” you can remind them of this beautiful language they know in their spirit.

Then true communion will commence.

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