Marketing Grape Water

I’m not sure how you market grape water. Or raspberry water, for that matter.

Even beyond that…how do you even come up with the concoction of water and grapes? How does one go to a mountain stream, get a bucket of water, put some grapes in it, take a swig, and say, “Ahhh.”

Grape water…that’s disgusting.

Water is good.

Grape juice is good.

But grape WATER?

Nonetheless, a major beverage company has perfected it…

And I like it.

Today, I overheard a conversation. A 10 year old-ish boy had purchased some “water” for his grandmother. She thanked him, opened the bottle and drank…

and almost tossed her cookies.

I then heard her say, “What is this? Grape water?”

To which the boy replied, “Yep.”

She followed up with, “This is disgusting!”

Think with me for a minute. A 10 year old boy has a dollar to buy a bottle of water…and sees his options, which are: water or grape water.

If you were that 10 year old boy, which would you choose? I was a 10 year old boy once. I would have gone for the grape water as well. Besides, who would want just plain, old water?

Granny almost tossed her cookies and told the boy to buy her a “regular” water and then instructed the boy to throw the grape water in the trash.

The boy didn’t throw it away. He dropped it in the trash can after he looked at the grape water one last time. Being that it was an almost entirely full 20 ounce bottle, and because there wasn’t much in the trash can, the bottle went straight to the bottom of the can with a thud. It wasn’t in slow motion, but if I was making a movie…definitely would have been in slow-mo.

Granny gave the boy another dollar and he was on his way to re-purchase some water.

I wonder if the boy had the same tug for the grape water when he went for the second purchase. I wonder what his little brain told him about the regular water. I wonder if his fear of Granny’s cookies on the floor helped him purchase the “regular” water.

We have been given the opportunity to drink water. Some of us have been given the opportunity to drink more than just “water.” Some of us have ice in our water, some have hot water. Some have lemon water, some grape water. Some of us have stagnant water, and some of us have Living Water.

That boy bought grape water with his dollar because he had two options: water or grape water. That major beverage company didn’t have a commercial for grape water. They didn’t sell him on how much better it was for him. They didn’t give him a package deal because that would entice him over to the grape water side.

The grape water was simply presented beside the regular water. He wanted more.

There are other people who just want more. Present them with a drink of the Living Water…

And they will never thirst again…

Even if Granny tosses her cookies.

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