A butterfly’s view

There is something we all have. Yet some choose to gain more, or someone else’s. It is subjective. It isn’t valuable, unless you think it is…


Gaining perspective can be priceless to those who have been rambling on and on with none, or only their own.

Discussing caterpillars and butterflies, the freedom of death reveals it’s self. As we all know, caterpillars cocoon and basically die…for a time. When they come out of the cocoon, they are transformed into a butterfly. The butterfly sits there for a second and pumps blood into its wings, and they stiffen with the aid of chitin, becoming two layers…and such…

But when they get all butterfly-ed up, the insects look away from their cocoon…never to return…

And fly.

Think about that for a second. They crawled to where ever they pitched their tent…I mean, cocoon.


Then, on the other side of transformation, they began to fly.

No longer do they inch along on the ground and through the dirt. No longer do they crawl up plants, and stems, and leaves. No longer do they take days to travel a few hundred feet.

They fly.

Flapping their wings they are able to move from the branch where they cocooned and take into the air. They can drop, and float, and soar, and see much more than the ground, the dirt, the plants that are in front of them.

They see from a much different perspective. They see a bigger picture. There are trees and lakes and streams and mountains and valleys. There is more to this life than crawling and inching along.

After transformation, we are able to see Abundant Life. When we step away from our place of transformation, and move into and through our New Life, we are able to view a bigger picture, a bigger earth, a bigger creation…

And be overwhelmed with thankfulness…

That we are flying.

Have you been transformed?

How’s the view?


  1. Mike Kesselring · February 8, 2012

    This is beautiful!

    I had read a butterfly illustration from the book Classic Christianity by Bob George. This takes the same concept and elaborates on it with some. . dare I say? Perspective!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • marklchampion · February 8, 2012

      Thanks for reading, Michael. Milt Rodriguez has a writing that I have been told I should read as well. It is called, “The Butterfly In You.” Some more perspective!

  2. keely · March 4, 2012

    Mark, thank you for sharing this story with Greer and I. It is great! You are such a wonderful leader for our girls and we appreciate your efforts so much! You and your wife, Julie, are a Blessing to our family. Just had the opportunity to read your blog to this point and I think it is great! Keep up the good work! Best, Keely

    • marklchampion · March 5, 2012

      Thanks for reading, Keely. I’m glad we got to share the butterfly story together. Thanks for commenting! Blessings.

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