Why Boomerangs?

Among other things, there are two things I haven’t done…yet. The first thing is, I haven’t been to Australia. From what I hear, this a location that is a must see! Home of the ol’ monotreme, the platypus!

You know what a monotreme is…? I didn’t either… It is a mammal that lays eggs…

Anyhoo. Australia is also home to the boomerang. Doing some research, I found that boomerangs can be used for a couple things. Here is a list:

  • Hunting weapons
  • Percussive musical instruments
  • Battle clubs
  • Fire-starters
  • Decoys for hunting waterfowl
  • Recreational play toys

Boomerang means “returning throw stick.” When’s the last time you threw something expecting it to come back to you…without a wall being involved?

Which brings me to the second thing i haven’t done yet…owned a boomerang. Growing up I always wanted one of my own I could launch into the air and it spin and fly and spin and return…to where I was standing…exactly. I borrowed a friends boomerang once to try it out. It never came back to exactly where I was standing…not sure what that was about. I think it was broke.

Australia missed out on the whole arrows thing. At some point in history folks put a string on a bow and started launching sticks from a string. Forget throwing a stick…and expecting it to return. Let’s launch from a bow and string an arrow that has a sharp pointy thing that will keep going until it reaches it’s mark. BRILLIANT!

Now, let me ask you a question. Which one of these instruments most describes your current situation? Are you a boomerang or an arrow?

Are you someone who is released with the expectation of coming back to the place where you began your journey? Does your life show you circles? Are you constantly seeing the same scenery?


Are you someone who is released with the expectation of reaching your mark?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for people keeping up with you and encouraging you and helping you as you grow and develop. Friendships and relationships definitely grow as this aspect is tapped into. My wife has taught me a lot about relationships and the importance of being connected to people over time. So, that’s not really what I’m touching on.


In a quiver, with other arrows. The arrow is chosen, hand selected for a purpose. The groove is settled on the bow string. The spine of the shaft rests on the bowman’s thumb as the bowman draws the bow. The arrowhead comes all the way to the bowman’s hand. Tension is in the bow and you can hear the string stressing from the torque that is built up. The bowman sees his target, his mark.

And then…

The bowman exhales.

The bowman releases the arrow.

Released, never to return.

The arrow races through the air and the feathers of the arrow feel the wind, maintaining the course set out for the arrow.

For us, we are arrows in His quiver. When he chooses a mark for us, we are ready to be launched. because He chose us for that mark.

So be encouraged! When we are a part of His Arrow, with Christ as the Arrowhead, we will travel to the mark appointed to us. We will feel the Wind of the Spirit and press on towards the mark that He has set out before us.

And I would also say…YOU are not the arrow. Individually, that is. YOU, corporately, is the context of this post.

Continue to be prepared in the quiver.

Or, if you’re in flight, press on towards the mark.


And remember. Christ IS.

He knows the mark. He chose you. To BE.

In Him.


  1. Jamal Jivanjee · February 21, 2012

    Amen brother! Thank you:)

    • marklchampion · February 21, 2012

      Thanks for reading, Jamal. Glad to be aimed from the Origin with you, bro.

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