Throw Back Jerseys

Ever seen a “throw back jersey”? They are newly manufactured jerseys that pay respect to the past of a certain organization. The NBA, NFL and MLB does it. I’ve even seen a soccer jersey or two with a throw back theme.

In 1950, the United States rocked the world of soccer when they defeated England, 1-0. So recently, US Soccer asked Nike to produce a throw back jersey from that era.

I bought one.

I wanted to identify with where US Soccer was in 1950. I enjoy wearing my throw back jersey periodically and pay respect to where US Soccer has come from. I also wanted to support the vision of where US Soccer wants to go.

Identify with.

Pay respect.

Support the future vision.

With all of those things in mind, I would like to offer a “Throw Back Series” of posts. I started writing November 29, 2008. Not sure why then…but as you read the “Throw Back Series“, you may resonate with some of the things I was learning. Perhaps you could be encouraged. That would be my ultimate goal for posting the throw backs.

So cue the music…some one get the lights…

May the Throw Back Series commence!

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