Throw Back Series 1 – I Finished

This is the post that started it all! I Finished written November 29, 2008. The content of this post has a lot of initial sparks that lead directly to where I am right now. It’s like walking down memory lane! Enjoy.

I have been on a book journey, which I will list at some point.  However, I have been tearing through a couple books and I just finished two that are rocking my world.

One is from a guy name Barna.  The book is called “Revolution.”  It was printed in 2005.  I also finished a book from a guy named McManus called “The Barbarian Way.”  It was printed in 2005.

Here is my thought…what took so long!?  Why did I just get a hold of these challenging gems?  I have a few friends who are tearing through them.  There is no replacement to Scripture.  These books have added to our challenges from Scripture.  It has been amazing the correlations!

Judges 11:1-11 has been on my plate lately.  Let me tell you why!  I was searching the word “warrior” in my iPhone Bible.  I saw 5 references I was familiar with.  Then Judges 11…no really.  Judges 11.  Have you not read it yet?  Stop reading this and go read it!

I’ll wait.

Did you read it?

OK…so, I read through the first verse and that is where the “warrior” word popped (NIV btw).  My name (Mark) means “mighty warrior” so there is a lot to this passage for me as you can imagine.

The first verse states, “Jephthah the Gileadite was a mighty warrior.”  Right, that’s what I was looking for!  Mighty Warrior!!  But wait a minute…keep reading, “His father was Gilead;”  Ok, I’m with it, but here’s the kicker that intrigued me: “his mother was a prostitute.”  Stop Right THERE!


My mother was not a prostitute and my name means “mighty warrior.”  Why is Jephthah a mighty warrior?  Wait a minute…probably because he proved he was…I just have the name.  It made me want to go out and prove that I was a mighty warrior, physically…then I remembered I had to be at Thanksgiving Dinner and all that family stuff so I put those thoughts away!

Back to Judges 11:

Verse 2 states that Gilead’s wife had some sons that gave Jephthah a hard time for being a hooker’s son and basically kicked him out of the family.  The question here is why did they give Jephthah the hard time when Gilead was the promiscuous one!  I don’t get that either.

Anyway, verse 3 is where I marinated for a couple days.  “So, Jephthah fled from his brothers and settled in the land of Tob, where a group of adventurers gathered around him and followed him.”  So he picked up some adventurous folk and they started cruising around Tob, right???  Well, for some strange reason, I decided to look at this whole adventurer phrase and discovered some pretty cool stuff.  The last part of verse 3 is translated differently in almost all versions of the Bible that I have.  Here are the different translations:

English Standard Version – “and worthless fellows collected around Jephthah and went out with him.”

Holman Christian Standard – “Then some lawless men joined Jephthah and traveled with him.”

King James Version – “and there gathered vain men to Jephthah, and went out with him.”

New King James Version – “and worthless men banded together with Jephthah and went out with him.”

and perhaps my favorite:

The Message – “Some riff-raff joined him and went around with him.”

I’ll tell you all why I think this is interesting in my next post.  Until then, don’t be afraid to read the entire chapter.  Just be sure you are willing to accept the challenge that is provided.  If you aren’t ready for the challenge, stop at verse 11.

Talk with you soon!

(and if you’d like to read part 2, click here)

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