Throw Back Series 2 – I Finished (part 2)

This is the second Throw Back Series post entitled I Finished (part 2). This follows up the first part found here. Enjoy and may you be encouraged.

OK, I was talking about Judges 11 verses 1-11 and I got to verse 3 and got locked down on what and adventurer had to do with this Mighty Warrior, Jephthah.  The different translations I listed had different ways of finishing off verse 3.  My favorite translation is from The Message where it says in verse 3, “Some riff-raff joined him and went around with him”  That is AWESOME!!

Ok, so later in the passage, the Israelites were getting nervous because Ammon started bringing the rain down on Israel.  I am just really curious as to why no one was in Israel leading them.  Ok, so the elders of Israel…guess the leaders of Israel…started looking for Jephthah.

Why did they start looking for J-dawg?  Because they were sissies and there stood some messiness to be handled that no one was willing to get their hands dirty over…OK, let’s go to that prostitutes son.  He’ll fight anything!  It reminds me of that cereal commercial back in the day that said, “Ask Mikey.  Mikey will eat it!”  And later on in the commercial, “Mikey likes it!”

A little side note here…verse 26 brings up an interesting tidbit of information.  Now remember, don’t read this far if you do not want to be challenged.  STOP AT VERSE 11!!!  So in verse 26 it says that Israel had been chillin “in Heshbon and its villages, Aroer and its villages, and in all the towns along the Arnon” for do you know how long?!  If you haven’t read it, you don’t know.  They had been there for 300 YEARS!!  WAIT A MINUTE!  300 years?  Really?  And for some reason, now the Ammonites want to have a go?  Why?  What did they do?  They were just chillin?

Here’s my thought…

For a Mighty Warrior to be raised, junk has to happen.  Mighty Warriors don’t necessarily have to step up in times of peace…the elders can do that…know what I’m saying?  They can organize, participate, administrate, exfoliate, and so on.  When the crap comes, the elders look for Mighty Warriors.  So, maybe God wanted Jephthah to raise up and begin to lead his people in the way of a Mighty Warrior…maybe?

Back to the side note…300 YEARS!  It took 300 years for a Mighty Warrior to be revealed.  And at that, this guy was considered riff-raff.  Kind of reminds me of when Joseph got sold to slavery and then becomes big time…but don’t read the rest of this chapter because these two people may have names that start with the same letter, but they ARE NOT the same story.  Trust me!  Unless you want to read the rest of chapter 11.

So, the United States, for perspective purposes only, of course, had it’s bicentennial in 1976.  That is 200 years.  Little known fact, I was born in 1976.  Now I am 32 (35 now!).  So, the US has been official for 232 years.  So, if we can wait for 68 more years we will have a guy named Jephthah be revealed and we’ll be able to take what has been promised to us, right…?  Chew on it.

OK, I’ve gotta get back to the story…

The elders found J-dawg and said to him, “Come.  Be our general and we’ll fight the Ammonites.”  Would you go?  After they knocked you out of their family?  Ummm…it definitely raises some flags, and it did for Jephthah as well.  For some strange reason he didn’t trust them!

Jephthah asks the elders if they just got him so he could beat the Ammonites, and they fessed up.  J-dawg clarified the request, that he would be the head of Israel and the elders agreed, “God is witness between us; whatever you say, we’ll do.”

It was so.

Jephthah then repeated all of these things before God to put the ultimate stamp of approval at Mizpah. Then it goes on about the rest of the story…but you’ll have to read that.

My take away from Judges 11:1-11, when the junk hits the fan, elders and folks who are proper and good at what they do, people who do what they do for a living…

can’t do it.

That is where the riff-raff comes in, the lawless people, the worthless people…

There value is immediately shot up because, you know why?

They have no preconceived notions of what life is about.

They live to the cause of the day.  They are not caught up in stuff, in making it, in being at the right place at the right time, having the right portfolio, perfect family, house…

Mighty Warriors fight today for the Cause that is worth fighting for today.

May we be counted as riff-raff for the Kingdom.  May we be among the earthly lawless people God sees as servants of His.  May we be worthless to the society of today and forever spent on the Eternal Society.

What are you fighting for?

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