Throw Back Series 7 – Space

Wow. This read is humbling! This 7th installment of the Throw Back Series is a big one. My now wife and I had a conversation. At the time I was pursuing her and we weren’t dating yet. She told me that we didn’t need to talk for a while. This post was the result of that conversation and the Lord’s leading. I hope you enjoy and are encouraged!

Sometimes when you are juggling, whether it is bean bags, bowling pins, flaming sticks, chainsaws or life, muscles begin to hurt because of the intense focus of the act of continuing to juggle.  Focus is needed.  Determination.  Perseverance.  All that cool stuff.

Sometimes a ball drops.  To keep the performance going we have to keep the other balls in the air and refocus on our purpose of juggling.

Have you ever lost a ball when you were juggling it? 

What am I saying?  I don’t even know how to juggle!!  I am just stealing the metaphor.

As we drop a ball, lose a ball, or the ball hits us and bounces off into eternity, we might want to stop juggling and go find that ball.  Besides, that ball is the prettiest of the collection.  It is the favorite ball.  It has the most meaning to me today.  I’ve got to get that ball back in the air.  Everyone will appreciate the performance better if I am keeping that particular ball in the air. Right?

I can’t.

As I juggle life and all that it has to offer, I am reminded that I can only juggle the objects willing to be juggled.  I can’t worry about objects not desirous of being included in my performance.  Taking focus off the items that want to be juggled, or that must be juggled just to find that really spectacular object…yeah, that only affects EVERYTHING ELSE!!

Like the final frontier of space, the chasm of nature that is undefined…that is where objects go some times.  As they are in orbit, they will do something…gravity will pull them down or space will take them away. Consider God’s will as being the gravity or space.

Either way, continue to juggle.  That is what I must do.

So, bring on the chain saws and flaming sticks…and may Space take effect with Power or may Gravity draw the object back into the juggling arena…

Now if only I could get off this unicycle!!

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