Throw Back Series – 9 – Wineskins. Old and New

Throw Back Series 9 is really where I begin to dig into some concepts that framed the path I would be going on for the next three years to present. This Wineskin passage really blew my mind, especially coming off of a 3-day fast. I hope you enjoy and are encouraged!

People don’t pour new wine into old wineskins.  If they do, the wine will make the skins burst, and both the wine and the skins will be ruined.  Rather, new wine is to be poured into fresh skins.

Mark 2:22



Mmmm…that is what’s happening!  New things, fresh stuff…gettin rollin!  I have had an amazing weekend…

involuntarily, yet actively…
passively, yet decisively…


removing obstacles.

Remember the juggling performance?  Remember the ball that is bouncing away and I am waiting on Gravity or Space to act?

Will Gravity pull it back into my performance?

Will the pull of Space pull it out of my performance?

Removing obstacles from one’s life allows one to hear the volume and intensity of conversation from our Lord, with no obstruction.  With no blockers.  Blue-Blockers are good.  They block the sun’s UV rays.  God-Blockers are bad.  They block the Son’s rays of conversation.  Listening without blockers…wow, Wow, WOW!!  Very loud.  I am excited about where God is taking me.

Continue to pray for where God has me headed.  I have heard some very specific things that have allowed me to understand direction that God has shown me through his Word and from separate confirmations through other avenues…CRAZY!!

I have a few conversations I have to have to finalize a few steps.  God is good.  God is Great.

He is pouring new wine into this fresh wineskin.  I feel ready to stretch and grow and continue to be.  To be who He is calling me to be.  My direction has not changed.  My steps have not taken a different course.  I am continuing on the path He is calling me!  I feel even more prepared to continue these steps!  Thank you Lord!  I praise You!

If we see our call from our Lord Jesus through the eyes of our old wineskin, we are not able to handle the new wine.  We can’t hold that call and will bust.  We must accept a new call with a new way of life, a new way of thought, a fresh wineskin.  We must allow God to make us fresh and new to be prepared for fresh and new direction!

Isn’t that something that makes you stand in “awe” that God would call you to a new place, a new direction, a new life!!?


One more thing is this…Someone told me about waiting on the Lord.  They said that sometimes you wait.  You wait for the Lord to move you into something.  Someone else told me that you have to move and allow God to guide you as you step in faith.  Like a boat at a dock, God can move the rudder as much He wants to, but if we’re docked, we don’t really go anywhere.  It is at the moment we raise up the anchors and begin to set sail that God can then turn our rudder this direction or that and guide us to His destination.

What a journey!

May we be the fresh wineskin God is looking to pour new wine into, to begin a new work for His Kingdom and His Glory.  And may we set sail and allow God to direct us as we sail away from the dock in faith.

For God’s Glory and His Glory alone!

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