Throw Back Series – 11 – Your Love

As the month for Valentine’s Day comes to a close, I am thankful for this 11th post in the Throw Back Series. This post was written the day after my now wife and I agreed to begin a relationship together with the idea we just wanted to be. No future projections. No past inhibitions. Be. As you can assume, this post is quite the celebration on my part! I hope you enjoy and are encouraged!

Reflecting on some things in the past month, I am brought to praise.  God is Great!!  He has been my Jehoveh-jirah and Emmanuel.  He has sustained me and He has been my strength.

He is Awesome and Mighty!  I have been reflecting on that.  As I was in Florida over the holidays I was able to hit the beach between soccer games.  I had this feeling of grace and mercy overwhelm me as I watched and heard the ocean crash on the shore, wave after wave.  I remember hearing these lyrics as I enjoyed the continuous praise of the creation with the continuous tide rolling in:

The ocean is deep
The wind is loud
The water retreats
With waves crashing down

Your love is mighty O Lord
Your love is mighty O Lord
Like the oceans so deep
Your Grace is for me
Your love is mighty O Lord

As I began the new year with all of it’s challenges and all of it’s pursuits I have kept these words close to me. As I have pursued what I feel God has called me to, I am constantly reminded of His love for me!  Thank you Lord!

Some direction has come to the forefront.  As they unfold in my life I will be sure to inform you.  I feel God moving in the life of many people around me.  Currently, I hope to help others see the glory that is in them that they are able to give to the Lord.  That is my day to day call.  I feel blessed and honored to see people’s lives unfold before them.

Pray for a couple of my friends.  We’ll call them Bill and James.  They are looking deeply at what God is calling them to.  They are grasping for His will for their lives.  They are seeking Him with their hearts.  Pray that they continue to search hard.  Pray that they are confronted with the person of Jesus.  And I pray that you would have an encounter with My King that would wreck your life and ruin your life for Jesus!!

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