Throw Back Series – 12 – Who Knew

In honor of Leap Day, Gotta fast forward quite a bit and take a LEAP. Julie and I were married in March of 2010. We were scheduled to go to the Pacific Rim in June of 2011. This Throw Back Series post 12 is in mid May as we are closing in on the travel date. I hope you enjoy and are encouraged!

Who knew we would be on the cusp of heading to the Pacific . . . Rim. We were able to go to Oregon on our honeymoon a little over a year ago. We got to see the Goonies shot of Cannon Beach. Remember when One Eyed Willie’s boat set sail with all of the treasure in it? They filmed it off the coast of Oregon. I always wondered why no one got in another boat and wrestled all of that treasure back to the shore? For all we know, OEW is still cruising in the Pacific Ocean somewhere. Perhaps near the Pacific Rim!

What is the Pacific Rim? It’s all of the countries that border on the Pacific Ocean. That’s a lot! We will be heading to the Asian Pacific Rim. That limits the countries a little bit.

Julie will be going there for her first time! This will be the third time that I have been over. We are super-stoked to be able to journey to this part of the world to begin work and encourage Family who are there.

On our honeymoon, when we looked at the coastal scene of Cannon Beach, OR, I remember seeing the rock called Haystack Rock. That was the focal point. Haystack Rock. Rock! A rock was my focal point! Yeah it’s pretty and all, but if I could have just. Looked. Beyond.

I might have seen One Eyed Willie sailing the seven seas!

Or even seen a people who are waiting to become part of a Family bigger than mine.

Now, Julie and I get to use our family to help grow Family. I hope it’s not like finding a needle in a haystack!

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