Oh Look In This Bag. A Cat. Or Two.

The saying, “Someone let the cat out of the bag.” Have you heard of it? My belief is that there is this proverbial bag we all carry. In this bag are several cats. At different times of our lives these cats scratch and meow…so we let them out.

Some of us grab a club. And. Get. To. Work. (It’s a shame, I know. But remember, proverbial)

You know what’s crazy? Some of us pick up cats at different stops along the way and we stuff them in this proverbial bag we have…perhaps never to be seen again.

Yeah, sure. We feed them. We give them water. We have kitty litter in the bag. Sometimes we empty that. Sometimes. So we take care of these cats. But show them, or even worse, release them? No way! That’s above our pay grade…

I have come to a point that I must let a rather large cat out of the bag.

They are lying to you. Whoever gave you those cats. They are lying.

First, I would like to let you know the 10 most popular cat breeds found here.

1. The Persian

2. The Maine Coone

3. The Exotic

4. The Siamese

5. The Abyssinian

6. The Ragdoll

7. The Birman

8. The American Shorthair

9. The Oriental

10. The Sphynx

That list is just an FYI for all the cat lovers out there. I’m not hating on cats…remember: proverbial.

If any of you watch The Voice, (which I have seen twice…Good job Anthony Evans!) you may have seen Cee-Lo Green holding and caressing a Persian. A little weird, but nonetheless, Team Cee-Lo’s mascot seems to be a Persian. My late uncle was a championship breeder of American Shorthairs.

So basically, I know what I’m talking about…

If you are able to go to the link provided, you can put a picture to the names of the cats. Can you imagine, all ten of these cats in a bag. That would be a slight ruckus. I’ve seen cats cross each other’s territory too close…and it’s on like flies on organic matter!

So, in a bag. Of cats.


Imagine carrying that bag around with you for a day, or worse, a lifetime. A bag of ON.

Now, imagine trying to turn that ON off. You know, looking normal, like nothing is really going ON. That takes a lot of energy. That seems like a heavy yoke.

But we must press on to my second thought, which is to discover these 10 cats!

These cats are representative of some things I would like to share as my experience. Perhaps not yours. My story. Perhaps not yours. My life. Perhaps not yours.

They are lying to you.

Being on a journey of discovery, I have thoroughly enjoyed finding landmarks and views I have never seen before. I wish I could “check-in” on Facebook or foursquare as I experience these different views to share them with you. Perhaps that is what this blog is all about…a :: Hydrant :: of sorts.

A few of these check-in points, or landmarks, have been in discovering words that, I believe, have been hijacked by someone, at some point in time, for some reason (which was probably positive at the time), that changed the course of Christianity.

Until now. For me. And, perhaps, for you.

Words that have been defined for me over and over again in a way that, deep down, I could not resonate with. I now have new meaning for this deep down sense. But more importantly, I have experienced these new meanings through the deep down sense I now have words for.

Won’t you join me in the next few weeks as we extrapolate these new meanings and re-definitions of some familiar words and, perhaps, the renewal it could have for you?

This article is the intro to the series. I will be releasing articles on Mondays, beginning March 12. I look forward to your discussion. Most importantly, I hope you are encouraged!

Now, let’s let the cats out of the bag.

No clubs.

Here is the list as it was published:

March 12 – In

March 19 – Grace

March 26 – Will

April 2 – Truth

April 9 – Glory

April 16 – Discipleship

April 23 – Salvation

April 30 – Purpose

May 7 – Head

May 14 – Life


  1. Jamal Jivanjee · March 8, 2012


    I’m looking forward to this bro. I can’t want for those cats to go wild and free!

  2. Seth G. · March 8, 2012

    I’m very excited for this series! I’m always very interested in finding out meanings to words and how we as society define them 🙂

    • marklchampion · March 9, 2012

      Hey Seth, thanks for reading and keeping up. I hope this will encourage you and our brothers and sisters near you!

  3. Pam Frazier · March 9, 2012

    Can’t wait for the series Mark! Sounds interesting and intriguing! Mayhap some new thoughts to ponder?

  4. miltrodriguez · March 10, 2012


    Good writing bro! Very intriguing (ala M. Champion style!). I love the way you describe things and situations and am really looking forward to this description of the journey!

    • marklchampion · March 10, 2012

      Thanks Milt. I hope this journey encourages folks and adds to the conversation of Christ, but more importantly, His expression!

      Thank you for catalyzing the discoveries of Him!

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