I can’t remember the last time I …

Hey! Do you remember that time when we …


“Remember the time” is a phrase we use to recall us to an experience we participated in, or a moment in history that we were connected to, or information about a topic that we should know.


As we age, our memory fades. Some of us are, or will deal with losing a large part of our memory. We will have to rediscover factual information on a daily basis.

My wife watched a movie this past weekend that dealt with a memory loss. The experience she had while watching this movie was one of connection. Because we all can remember when we forgot something. Remember?

There is something we need to remember today.

Some might need to remember to get out of bed, or the crock-pot is on, or there are dishes in the dishwasher, or the car needs gas, or take out the trash, or sell my shares of stock when it reaches a certain amount, or water the flowers, or change the diapers….etc.

Reminders, if we are looking for them, are blatantly obvious about revealing themselves to us. Alarms, blinking lights, emails, smells…

Then there are those other things that draw our attention away from really what needs the attention. These are called distractions. They are not reminders, however urgent they may seem.

These distractions come at the most inopportune times. But they take us away from the important reminder and carry us into a, sometimes, comfortable distraction.


The word distraction lays a lot of light onto what those shiny objects are.

Reminders of what is going on allows for you to make a choice. You decide to follow through with those reminders and you move towards what you probably need to be, or should be, or were created to be doing.

Distractions. Dis. Traction. Losing traction allows for your wheels to spin and mud to fly. Or if you are running a race and lose traction, you can slip off your course. You can sprain an ankle. You can lead others the wrong way.

Traction provides movement. With intent.


When we remember who we are, we are then allowed the opportunity to move with intent. There is no doing involved. There is a being. When you remember who you are, you don’t have to do anything to be that person. You are that person.

If you are in Christ, your location is settled and your identity is regal. You are a child of the King and your inheritance is all. You are part of a building project that is of the Master Builder. You are a member of the Body of Christ and the Head will move you.

Do not. (Insert Yoda voice here)

So, remember when you were in Christ before time? Remember the story of Creation He provided? Remember how He gave you your purpose before He gave you life?

May we remember. May Christ shine His Light on us for us to see Him. May we experience the Life He has prepared for us. May we be built together as the Temple of God!


When you are not gaining traction, or not a part of something, or not experiencing life, or not seeing your next steps, what do you remember?

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