The Zone

This post is not about Lionel Messi. It’s about you…

There are not many athletes on the planet who are at the top of their sport like Lionel Messi. His coach likens Messi to soccer what Michael Jordan is to basketball.


Hole nutha level.

If you would like to see a video of his gifts, click here.

This post really isn’t about Messi. It’s about you…

Messi has recently broken his club’s 57 year old record (FC Barcelona) of most goals scored by a player. He has now scored 234 goals for Barca.

He is 24.

I think he’ll do well. He might even break more records…

But this post isn’t about Messi. It’s about you…

Messi is from Argentina. He moved to Spain at a young age to commit his future to FC Barcelona. In exchange, Barca paid for growth hormone treatments for this young kid. Messi, the Catalan giant! Growth hormone therapy.

He was small in stature. He has now peeked at 5’7″. That’s no basketball player. But in soccer, this is the perfect height. For Messi anyway.

But this post isn’t about Messi. It’s about you…

You see, we all have been gifted with strengths, from our weaknesses. You see, when we think we need someone else’s strengths, or when we use our strengths to get a head up on the competition, we win. We are successful. For now.

There was probably some big kid at the age of six that pushed Lionel Messi around to get the ball. Messi had to figure out how to be himself…who was, and never has been, a big physical player.

His size mattered though. FC Barcelona saw his gifts. Messi gave up his neighborhood and local identity in Argentina. He sacrificed everything he had and knew. He moved to Barcelona.

Messi was given a new jersey. He was given a new home. He was given a new legacy that would become legend. A living legend.

He now plays in front of over 99,000 fans every week at the stadium called Camp Nou. Which means “new field.” How about that for a new identity!? Did I mention he is only 24?

But again, this post isn’t about Messi. It’s about you…

Messi, Jordan, Hussein Bolt, Wayne Gretsky, and the like. They all share one thing that crosses over all sports…

The Zone.

This is a quote from our good ol’ friend Wikipedia:

Roy Palmer suggests that “being in the zone” may also influence movement patterns as better integration of the conscious and subconscious reflex functions improves coordination. Many athletes describe the effortless nature of their performance while achieving personal bests.

This “zone” is a place like no other. If you have been there, you have experienced it. The slowing down of time. The ease of function. The importance of no other thing, no distraction.

To be in the zone is a glorious place to be. To be. No doing involved. Just being. Functioning. Breathing. Gracious. Effortless. Life.

Brothers and sisters, may we experience the Zone. For in Christ is a glorious place to be, no doing, just being. Functioning. Breathing. Gracious. Effortless. Life.

Where is your Catalonian Camp Nou? How has the Lord given you new identity, new life, and new purpose?


  1. Rebecca Price · March 23, 2012

    I loved this. Spoke amazing truth into my life as I am getting ready for work this morning. Thanks for sharing this mark

    • marklchampion · March 26, 2012


      Glad it was encouraging. I am excited about your journey with the Lord. My prayer is you will discover His grace as you journey with Him!

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