When things get loud and obnoxious, distortion happens. Typically, the volume is too loud, the levels are all jacked up, and people are starting to put in their ear plugs.

The wah-wah is a positive distortion!

But when we try to get a message across and see people putting in ear plugs, we should probably take note.

Check Your Levels

If we aren’t checking levels, they can get away from us and be a major cause of the EPE, or ear plug effect.

Imagine a gigantic soundboard with 10 billion input sources…one output, or expression. We are able to “check our levels” by acknowledging that Christ is the Great Mixer! He knows our levels. He gave them to us.

The way into this process is what is commonly known, in the Christian world, as salvation. However, I would encourage you to potentially discover more about salvation by following that link.

The simple part of “checking our level” is to hear Christ and believe into Him. That initiates an entirely different sound in our lives!

Keep Your Levels, well… Level

The GREAT thing about being in Christ is that we are eternally a part of His Body. We have been given a place to function and provide input, our portion.

In the process of gathering with believers and allowing Christ to be the “Great Mixer,” we are able to see the reality of Christ up close and personal. The Great Mixer, Who is Christ, disciples us in a way that our expression of Him is clearer and finer.

As He mixes all of our inputs in His Soundboard, we are given the One Channel output that is His Expression. How sweet is that!?

Appropriate Volume

When it comes to turning it up to 11, distortion happens. If we allow Christ to keep our levels according to His will, His is able to provide the appropriate volume at the appropriate time to the appropriate person.

Christ is appropriate.

As He is appropriately expressed, His glory is made known in a way that He has set forth.

May we remove our desire to strive for 11. May we allow Him to check our levels, and express Himself through us in an appropriate way. And may our noise and distortion be reduced to His Peace.

Peace on earth. That is something that obliterates EPE.


  1. Trevor Honeycutt · April 26, 2012

    Sounds like insight gleaned from either: 1) being tempted to reach for your ear plugs, or 2) realizing that you’ve caused someone to reach for theirs.

    I know that I’ve sure been on both sides of the equation.

    Good stuff either way!

  2. Jose Luis · April 27, 2012

    I think a good way to check your levels, is to check if you are listening to your head or to your heart, usually distortion or noise is created in the head. when you slow down and remain present you can listen to your heart which is where God dwells.

    • marklchampion · May 9, 2012

      Jose Luis, thanks for reading! The mind is a powerful thing. I agree with you. A lot of noise comes from the ol’ brain. Beholding the Lord and listening is a great testament to the power of His voice as we “tune in” to Him. Tanks for reading and for commenting!

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