New Edition

I used to listen to a R&B singing group called BBD. It composed of Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe. They branched off a group called New Edition. This group also had some top notch singers in it. Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant rocked it out with Bell, Bivins, and DeVoe for a while. Bobby Brown went big on a solo act. A little bit later New Edition brought in Johnny Gill.

That was a while ago. Today, New Edition is on a 30-year reunion tour-ma-jiggy.

When New Edition was discovered, no one really knew how big they would change the face of music in the 80’s. New Edition paved some trails for groups like BBD, Silk, Boys to Men, and even Nsync and the Backstreet Boys.

New Edition

So I sit here today realizing there is a New Edition of me. I’m not sure what the developments will become. Will I have a solo act? Will I bring in other performers? Will I start my own recording studio? Will I sing a song that hits number one in the charts?

Nope, I don’t know.

Rather, I am choosing the path of a new edition of myself. I have been beholding the Lord and been hearing some interesting things as I begin this new edition. I have just completed a 10-post series about letting Cat’s out of a Bag. This series was enjoyable and encouraging as I heard your stories through the publication of the series.

I am seeing a couple of things I will be attached to in this next season. I know some of you will want to join me and some of you will want to move on. That’s cool! But either way, if you know of some folks that would be encouraged by the content I am going to be attached to, let them know about this blog.

Stay Tuned for Scenes from Our Next Episode

I will be launching this new content beginning in June. You can expect the following:

1. Light – Shining Light on Organic Church and Body Life.
2. See – Contextualizing the Eternal Christ today.
3. Express – Providing channels that take on the Expression of Christ.
4. Build Into – Posting real stories of acclimation into Body Life.

May you be encouraged into the New Edition that God has for you!


  1. Trevor Honeycutt · May 21, 2012

    Looking forward to the new posts, bro!

    • marklchampion · May 25, 2012

      Thanks Trevor! They are on the way! Thanks for your support.

  2. goodguyryry · May 21, 2012

    Oh snap. Love New Edition. Candy Girl, you are my world…. Your new edition will be just as exciting and memorable.

    • marklchampion · May 25, 2012

      Let’s hope so! Thanks for your support! I look forward to all of our New Editions!

  3. Bro, I’m looking forward to this new series! I’m going to chill (pronounced ‘cheeel’) until the next episode:)

    • marklchampion · May 25, 2012

      Alright, Snoop! Thanks for the support brother. Stay tuned!

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