Five Myths Keeping Us Legendary

Being legendary is good, right? I mean, they write books and make movies about legends! Who wouldn’t want to be a legend?

I enjoy a good action flick. One of the more recent movies I have seen is The Avengers. Man, these superheroes are legendary! They have all these cool little contraptions and super powers that help them fight evil.

The Avengers join forces because they are the good guys.

Some of you may have thought of a certain Tree at this point. If not, no worries. It’s not important right now. This is just the introduction to a series.

On we go into the conversation about this series called, “Five Myths Keeping Us Legendary” which will begin posting on Monday, June 11.

Legendary Defined

Basically, a legend is a told story that is rendered as historical. It doesn’t have to be historical, just communicated as being historical. Here are two other depictions of a Legend.

Legend, typically, is a short (mono-) episodic, traditional, highly ecotypified historicized narrative performed in a conversational mode, reflecting on a psychological level a symbolic representation of folk belief and collective experiences and serving as a reaffirmation of commonly held values of the group to whose tradition it belongs. (Timothy R. Tangherlini)

Legends apply structures that reveal a moral definition to events, providing meaning that lifts them above the repetitions and constraints of average human lives and giving them a universality that makes them worth repeating through many generations. (Wikipedia)

I don’t know. Does any of this sound familiar?

This series is the kick-off to a New Edition. I will be writing a series every other week called Light Up Your Week! This Five Myths Keeping Us Legendary series is the first to kick it off. We will be looking at different myths that have made their way into today’s status of legendary.

Myth Defined

A myth is simply a natural event told as a story of an act of a personal god in the form of a sacred narrative. It is typically a story from the remote past. A legend is a more recent told story.

Everyone has a story. Everyone can connect through telling their story. Some times these stories bend outside of the rails of reality and begin to create legends. Some times we take stories given and bend our reality. This is the premise of Myths Keeping Us Legendary.

Has there been a conversation that you have been in that gave you information as fact with the expectation you live through that new knowledge? Perhaps the information was reality. Perhaps it was based on a limited perception of reality.

We are going to set sail into the oceans of Legend. After we have gazed into the eyes of Legendary Tales, we will creep on to interact with Sea Monsters and Sirens. We will explore the seas of the Myths.

The ultimate pursuit, however, is past the crashing oceans of Legend, through the treacherous seas of Myths, and into the wavy waters and bubbling brooks of the Source of Living Water. We may even have to get out of our vessel and trek on foot to river gorges in valleys or melting glaciers or mountaintop lakes.

Shining Light on these different waters will allow us to see things we have typically seen in a certain way from a new and fresh perspective. And perhaps, Christ will reveal to The Church what He wants The Church to see.

So, get your oars, galoshes, hiking boots and walking sticks. We’re on a mission!

June 11 – The Mythical Sabbath

June 25 – The Prayer Myth

July 9 – The Repentance Myth (part 1)

July 10 – The Repentance Myth (part 2)

July 23 – The Mythical Commission

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