Colorful Drive By’s

The gang culture is around us. The gang culture is inevitable in a fatherless, fearless culture where Scarface is lifted up as an innovator of success. “The World Is Yours” is the moniker of the race to this success.

Part of My Story

Throwing on a black hat or a black shirt and yelling, “P! C! P!” Then walking through the local mall like you’re untouchable. Standing on the street corner watching people drive by, and feeling like you’re untouchable. Seeing that “thing” you really like and taking it, knowing you’re untouchable.

There is something about that feeling. Untouchable.

Or the perceived notion of being untouchable. The truth is, I was touchable. I was touched. In a way that I was unaware.

You see, I was just looking for an identity. I was done with my path I was on. It was boring. It was monotonous. It was religious. It was dead.

I needed life. I needed excitement. I needed a new reality. I needed an untouchable reality.

Why Me?

One day in gym class, my first year of high school, while I was getting my clothes back on to go to class, Daryl put his finger in my face. He then said, “What are you going to do about it?”

It probably wasn’t over anything big…you know, I probably was standing too close to his space. So he let me know who was in charge. However, I didn’t step away from his space and one of his friends backed him away from me.

That day forever changed my high school experience.

Daryl was “that guy.” He was relentless. He got what he wanted, when he wanted it. And everyone knew it. Some wanted to be like him. Some wanted to be with him.

Most feared him. He proved it to me while I was walking home from school. He saw me walking.

He gave me a drive by. Then. He pulled over his Chevy Blazer. Got out and asked me for my money. After I gave it to him he asked for more. I looked down at my empty hands.

His pointing finger from the gym class locker room changed to a fierce, swift blow to my cheek. I was dazed and turned to walk away from a full-on altercation from his “paht-nuhs” in the Blazer.

That was the day I knew I was helpless.

Reaction to Pain

Most of you can relate with this. You have a nemesis. Some times it is even personified through a human. Most times it is through an ailment or a habit or a fear.

We react in different ways, I know. My reaction took me to an Italian guy named Dario and another guy named ‘Tiny.’ Both of these dudes were at least two of me. So I was one-fifth of this click. This group had many add-ons the next couple of years. And unfortunately, we had some pass from this life due to some decisions made whilst we journeyed together.

But that was my reaction. To pursue “The World Is Yours” mentality with a group of big dudes.

Gang. Family. Colors. Signs to throw up. Emblems to put on cars. Words to say. Places to be. Events to attend…and participate in.

I was alive. I was Untouchable. I even proved it to myself. A few times.


What we all pursue is a safe place, a place where we are untouchable. We want to be a part of a family. We want an identity. We want cool handshakes and funny faces to be known when across from another one with the same identity.

What we are actually displaying is that we don’t want to be untouchable.

We want to be touchable.

But only with those we choose, or those who have proved themselves, or those who let us in their gang.

We Are Untouchable!

Christ chose us. Christ proved Who He is. Christ let us in His gang. And we are untouchable to the world’s scheme’s. We are untouchable to the world’s desires. The world is not ours.

We are also touchable. We are in the family of Jesus Christ. He is our Brother, first born of the dead! If our Brother is the first born of the dead, we are not helpless. We are not alone.

Our family’s colors run with the reddest of reds and as white as light. Our “sign” is a holy kiss and an embrace from our brothers and sisters. Our emblem is the signet ring of the Creator God, His likeness in us!

The Word we speak amongst our gang, and outwardly, has the power to break strongholds and uplift the feeble. This Word can lighten any load. This Word can draw any man to Him. This Word is a Language like no other. This Word is Language. This Word was spoken, and the Story of Life was accomplished.

The places that we are to be with this Family is in and amongst each other, mutually encouraging, lifting up, and edifying, all the while focused on our Brother, Jesus Christ. And we are not get-away drivers. We are to fully participate in the Expression of Christ!

For He is Color-full. And our portion allows for the full colors of His Family to raise up and draw men and women into His Family.

May we be touchable, by Christ and His Family. And as we receive each other with warm embraces, may His Love be expressed to those seeking excitement and life and an untouchable reality.

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