Spiritual Warfare

Thursdays on my blog I write about the contextualization of Organic Church. This week I am writing on the Army of God.

And … WOW! This past weekend the group of saints I meet with had a manifestation of the Army of God.

I’m not kidding.

The voice of the Lord was spoken through His Body on many fronts. One of the manifestations came through the voice of a brother who spoke about a foe who was defeated. On earth, in this realm, we saw the Body of Christ unite around this foe. We accepted victory over this foe together.

We focused on Christ. We saw distractions from Him as just that … distractions. And we agreed together, declaring the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit through us.


If you’ve ever watched an action movie where some crazy fight scene happens with punches, kicks, chops and throws, you have heard some noises that were inserted to create the perceived reality of action. You are able to “feel” the fight that you are seeing because you hear the intensity of the fight through these noises. And if you’ve seen the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, you heard Bruce Wayne’s back break.

I must say, I heard the back of this foe break on Sunday night.

I am reminded that the foe is still menacing. However, we, as a Body, have engaged in the battle. We are no longer ignoring the foe. We have taken on the full armor of God, not just the breastplate or not just the shield. WE are fighting … TOGETHER.

This is a vision of Christ that I have only read about, theorized, and dreamt about.

The reality of Christ is upon us. He is near. Victory is imminent, my brothers and sisters!

Get to Being in Christ

May we join together as the Body of Christ. May we fight with the sword of the Lord. May we accept the fact that Christ reigns victorious and we are on the throne with Him.

Get out of your seat. Step up with your brothers and sisters. Advance with His troops. For He has equipped us with everything we need. Him.

And as spiritual warfare wrenches the lives of those who dare engage, may we not be passive. May we not only take them resources to aid in their battle, but may we bring ourselves into battle with our brothers and sisters. May the circumstances not reveal them, but us.

Meet with those who are hungry for Christ like you are. Look to Him as your Leader, as your Captain. For He is the Captain of Salvation and His Banner over us is Love.

We march with Christ. We fight for God’s Purpose. We are empowered and function by the power of the Holy Spirit in us.

Smell the sweet aroma of victory my brothers and sisters.

For our leader, our Captain has spoken. “It is finished.”


  1. Trevor Honeycutt · July 26, 2012

    Yeaaaaaa! Preach it brother!!

  2. Julie Champion · July 30, 2012

    Great picture of the battle we’re fighting and why we need to fight it together! Crazy that Milt talked about this exact scene that night.

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