Wedding Vows

My wife and I are headed out of the country today. When we return we will be having a wedding in our backyard! I believe it will be a wedding that will be cataclysmic to the “other realm.”

It got me thinking about my wedding just 2.5 short years ago. I am thankful for our wedding. I am thankful for our wedding vows.

But this upcoming wedding will blow the top off any other wedding procession.

This wedding will be celebrated in this realm, but only as a shadow of what has happened in another realm.

In the other realm, powers are at work to deny marriage, to deny unity, to deny life together. If these powers are successful marriage is proven to be a farce, unity is proven to be impossible, and life together is proven to be short-lived.


There is a lot of debate about this topic in the United States right now. Between one man and one woman? Same sex marriage? Multiple spouse marriage? If I were a child growing up in this day with these questions rolling around, I would have a difficult time seeing a foundation to stand on.

As I contemplate this wedding coming up, I see that this brother and this sister of mine are coming together, not to defy earthly statistics (which I hope they do!), not to bring glory to their wedding day and have everyone celebrate them (which we are going to be celebrating them for sure!).

These two are coming together to provide an earthly picture of how Christ loves His bride, the Church. Our Family will be able to participate in the wedding because we are all part of this Bride of Christ. We will be able to share in our love for our Groom. We will also be able to share in our love from our Groom.

And this will continue into eternity. This is not a wedding day to celebrate. This marriage is something the Lord chose for this couple and for us before time. This marriage is a statement to the powers of this world that the reality of Christ is factual. This reality is alive in His people. The Bride of Christ is in place to be received by Her Groom.


I have been inundated with opportunities to pick a side of the fence. So much so that I wrote a blog post about it entitled Debate! Debate! This says a lot of my heart in regards to unity. However, the earth would have us believe that unity is impossible.

I must admit to you and your spirit that this is also a lie from the enemy. Even in the realm of this earth, there are couples all over that have been married and have their disagreements, yet continue on in the picture of what Christ gave us for His Bride: unity.

Have you noticed that when a couple comes together, when they are unified, they are more? Simple math helps us out with this one: 1 + 1 = 2. When two people come together in unity there is a wonderful picture of strengthening, of growth, of fitting, of losing what doesn’t matter.

Being married to Christ is being unified with His purposes, which may look impossible. However, He is the Groom Who has unlimited resources. He has all.

Life Together

Wow! The moment we are part of the Bride of Christ, in that moment, to our spirit, eternity begins. Together with our Groom, Jesus Christ. Marriage is a picture of all of the discoveries that come with being together for the rest of time … and eternity.

Our Groom has wonderful discoveries and adventures and joys to bring us. He also will carry us through difficult circumstances. He will be with us, together with us. Forever.

My parents recently celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary! Woohoo! That’s a long time with one person, but it is a great picture of marriage for sure. Life. Together. They have expressed a wonderful picture of Life with Christ. In this realm there are ups and downs, but in the realm of Christ, He is consistent. He is unwavering. He is our Rock, our Foundation. From Him we receive our source of Life.

I am thankful for my parents 47 years! I am thankful for my wife and I celebrating 2.5 years. I am thankful to be able to witness the testimony of marriage from my friends getting married in a couple weeks.

Remember, Marriage is a picture of Christ. Let’s be Unified with Him. And may we experience Life. Together. May our wedding vows not be, “I do.” May our wedding vows be, “I am.”

For we are the Bride of Christ.

And in the context of marriage, impossible is nothing:


  1. gunnarbloggunnar · August 30, 2012

    Awesome, awesome post. I am so blown away that I actually get to be there.

    • marklchampion · September 11, 2012

      Gunnar, we are looking forward to your arriving! It should be a wonderful time of experiencing Christ. Glad you and your wife will be sharing Him with us.

  2. michaelleeking · August 31, 2012

    Powerful stuff Mark. Thank you for constantly un-hiding our Lord and his glorious bride!

    • marklchampion · September 11, 2012

      Thanks Michael. The Lord has unsearchable riches. Let’s share the riches we do find!

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