September Pivot :: Letters

September is going to be a great month. I know it is. You know why? Because we are in Christ!

I know the Lord has been challenging me with these blog posts. These are not easy for me to present, but I know I am supposed to. So I press on. However, in September, I am going to be changing the direction of my postings. I’m not sure how long it will continue, but I know it is for a time.

At least in September, and perhaps longer, I will be posting on the Expression of Christ, in the form of Letters. The series I will be writing on will be from the perspective of Letters written to believers to tell you stories and encouragements from other groups or individuals you may not have been able to meet with just yet.

My hope is that we pass these Letters along through the Body of Christ to help each other and encourage each other in paths the Lord has brought us on.

If you have a Letter you would like to write to the Church, the expression of the Body of Christ, email me your Letter. I’ll look at adding it to the Letters to the Church.

Until then, Christ is all. May we live as such.

(October update)

Name Droppers – October 4
Lions and Tigers and … – October 1
Borders – September 27
La Meme Chose – September 24
Video to Nashville – September 21
Coup De Foudre – September 20
Lean In – September 17
Face – September 13
Mountains – September 10
Breathe – September 3


  1. Shane Ocon · September 1, 2012

    Amen! This sounds like an exciting new turn. I’m looking forward to it.

    • marklchampion · September 11, 2012

      Thank you Shane. I do to. It will be interesting to see what the Lord has to say. Thanks for reading and for your brotherhood.

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