Letters :: Breathe

I write to you as I fly in the air to Geneva, Switzerland. I spent a good part of this trip working on a video for the saints in Switzerland and France. The idea was to take some positive words of encouragement from the Expression I am a part of and share them with the Body in the destinations we are journeying to.

What a Christ! I did not listen to these words until I began editing and piecing these words together. To say the least, I am blown away. The words the Lord has to share with you are amazing.

He wants you to know how HUGE this expression of Christ is. It is not small. It is not a few people.

This expression is global.

We seek Christ and His expression in any place to be encouraged with His Life. Let me share with you, saints, our Christ is ALIVE. His light rises every morning. He is the bright and morning star!

Continue to lift each other up in word. Continue to lift each other up in deed.

There is no need to separate on some petty doctrine or belief about Christ. We will all have different experiences to bring to the table. Remember, He is alive! Christ breathes His Life in and among us!

So express Him!

Exhale Him!

Give Him!

For anything else, is something else.

This world yearns for His Life, His breath. What a gift! What a Christ!

To those of you who have yet to realize His voice inside you, believe. Believe He will speak through you. Believe He will give His Life to those who need Him. Let’s not bottle Him up. Let’s not keep Him for ourself. He gave you your voice, your circumstance, your environment, for the specific purpose to express Christ and give His Life in a way that NO ONE else can.

Exhale Christ.

As you exhale Christ, do not quit breathing. Allow those who are in your circumstance or environment to breath Christ to you. Inhale His word. Inhale His deed. Inhale His Life through your circumstance. He will give you His Life if you look for Him.

Those of you that are looking to just give, I implore you to realize the Life of those you give to. They have a portion, albeit small. When shared, this Life is mutual and edifying in a way that cannot be explained.

So, saints, exhale so that you can inhale. Breathing Christ is more Life giving than oxygen itself. And as we breath, we encourage those around us . . . without even trying.

My love to you. His love to you. In Christ.


  1. Trevor Honeycutt · September 4, 2012

    Can’t wait to see those videos Mark!

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