Letters :: Mountains

As we travel throughout Switzerland, we have seen many things. One of which is rain. The other? Clouds. I thought there were mountains here. That’s what I’ve been told. I’ve been told that the Alps are near. I was driven to a “point of view” where you could supposedly see them.

You couldn’t.

But I did believe there was a great view. I took the local’s word for it. I believed them.

Since we couldn’t see the physical beauty, we had to look at the people, the brothers and sisters in Switzerland that were physically there. There were no hikes to achieve, no pictures to take, no things to see…because we couldn’t.

God threw the block on seeing His glory through his creation in nature. He found out we could see His glory through the faces of His saints in the mountains of Switzerland. So we did.

This mountain barbecue became one of the more cherished times with the saints in Switzerland. There was great sharing, great food and great encouragement.

Cloud Nine

The only positive way we tend to see clouds is when we are floating high on cloud 9. We are floating on some sort of emotional high, without a care in the world.

Let me share another cloud that is positive. The cloud that is given to block beauty. The cloud that is given to nullify the grandiose.

This cloud allows us to focus on now, on today. This is cloud seven. This cloud is the day of rest from our doing. This cloud is on purpose.

When you see clouds on your circumstances, could it be cloud seven? Silver lining is the good from the bad. Cloud seven is purposeful rest from our doing and our expectations.

What has the Lord clouded so that you will see Him clearer? You may be climbing mountains to see His glory . . . and then clouds. These clouds are purposeful. These clouds are His. The clouds are refining clouds.

Clouds Dissipate.

Be ready for this. Because when the clouds dissipate after what has been purposefully clouded, the glory on the other side is even greater than you expected. But you realize that the glory was what was in that which was clouded in the first place.

His clouds are wonderful. His mountains are beautiful. His will is purposeful.

Enjoy cloud seven.


  1. Dan Follette · September 10, 2012

    Mark, thanks for the perspective. I am seeing clouds right now. But I also now see Christ. Thanks brother.

    • marklchampion · September 11, 2012

      Cloud Seven, bro. These clouds are perfect. They are also perfecting. The Lord desires to be seen. Let’s look for His unsearchable riches. Love you bro. How can I help?

    • marklchampion · September 20, 2012

      Cloud seven, brother. It has come to show you Christ! Amen.

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  3. Jamal Jivanjee (@JamalJivanjee) · September 11, 2012

    Cloud seven! I absolutely love it bro. Great article.

  4. Kat Huff · September 11, 2012

    Wonderful, Thank you!

    The cloud covered the vision of the earthly to uncover the eyes of your hearts to the Spirit vision of the mountain of Reality – The Unseen Mountain. The true view of His Glory is in the precious stones built together into the Mountain of Life, who is Christ Jesus. I am thankful that you precious holy ones got to behold the beauty of the Glory of Christ in the Mountain in Switzerland, the real Swiss Mountain that the earthly ones merely represent. The cloud cover took away the shadow from your focus, so that you all may see Father’s Mountain built with the Glory of Love.

    I disagree with you, my brother. 🙂 It was not the Beauty of the Grandiose that was blocked by the cloud cover, but it was the diversion from Beauty that was clouded over.

    And I desire to tell you about a happening that occurred years ago; how our Father taught me that I cannot climb that Mountain (the Mountain of the sight unseen). You see, it is an impossibility: There comes a time when we go through a great breaking. It was such a time that I had an experience which I am going to share with you. I was in utter turmoil, and I went for a walk in the fields as I spoke with Father. I cried and I cried to Father, because I could not understand why my flesh fights against me. I told Father how much I love Him, and I asked Father, “Why does my flesh not want Him, when I love Him so?” I felt lost in the agony of my heart. I was hurting tremendously, and then a great desperation from my depths flooded over me.

    After a few hours, I got to the point when my tears stopped,and my voice became silent. I was worn out. And Father would not answer me! He was being quiet like He does sometimes, even though, I know He was listening to every word I said to Him. I could feel Him still. I stood by a huge mound of dirt from the construction of a large pond, dug out of the earth; it was like a bare mountain. I stood there, very still and quiet, exhausted and totally drained. Then, I noticed a caterpillar at the beginning of this high, dirt mountain and watched as the caterpillar tried to climb up the steep mound, over and over again. Each time it would come tumbling down. I picked the caterpillar up and it curled up into a ball. I gently threw it up high and it landed on the top of the mound. It did not fall down again.

    You see, that caterpillar could not climb that high mound on its own power, it just was not possible. The only way for that caterpillar to be where it wanted to be was for it to be picked up and placed there. Just as Father has placed us in Christ. We could never enter Christ by our own power, but He did it for us so that His eternal pleasure be fulfilled through Christ, by Christ, for Christ, and in Christ.

    What a Life! What an eternal journey we have before us. One that never ends, one in which we will forever participate in and enjoy and live, far beyond the avenues of time. What a Christ! What Hope of Glory!

    • marklchampion · September 20, 2012

      Thanks for reading, Kat. And thanks for your contribution to this post. It is a wonderful perspective! I hope you have seen cloud seven today!

  5. Trevor Honeycutt · September 12, 2012

    Wow, what a great perspective! The Lord using clouds to obscure the lesser glory, to help yall to focus on the most important “thing” at that moment.

    Love it!

    Perhaps you’ll get to take another trip back someday, and get to enjoy the glory of our Lord in His wonderful outdoors there as well.

    • marklchampion · September 20, 2012

      That’s a good word, Trevor. Perhaps some day we will go back. And perhaps you and your wife will join us!

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