Letters: Coup De Foudre

Yes, ladies and gentleman . . . love at first sight. It is possible. I have experienced it a couple of times.

Let me explain.

I was 33. I was working in a similar environment as this girl. We were essentially co-workers. I looked at her every time I worked with her because we did business together.

But I didn’t see her.

I mean, I SAW her, but I didn’t SEE her.

You know what I mean, right?

Until that one day . . .

We were talking about job stuff. I mentioned a potential transfer. And I could SEE her for the first time. My eyes were opened. I was able to SEE this woman for who she really is. I no longer saw her as a co-worker. I could see something more.

I was “hit in the face” or coup de foudre. This is the French term for “love at first sight.”

It was like a punch in the face. That’s happened to me before, so I know how it feels. Stars. Lights. Sensory overload. I’ve been there.

I share this with you because coup de foudre has come back. That time, towards a female, now my wife.

This also happened to me while I was in Switzerland and France.

I was “hit in the face” with love for the Bride of Christ that I saw in France and Switzerland. It was “love at first sight.” The picture used above was a graffiti picture on a marble pillar. There was no regard for the sacred creation that was laid by man ages ago. This graffiti artist sprayed what was relevant NOW.

A man and a woman. A groom and a bride. A prince and a princess. They share a kiss that displays the true heart of Paris. Attraction. Romance. Passion. Love.


There is something appealing about the City of Lights, Paris, France. Bright lights. Big city. Multiple nationalities. Various parts of the city to explore and discover.

The presentation that Napolean and Paris provides the world is attractive. And then there’s the Eiffel Tower and La Louvre and Champs Elysees and Montmartre. These aspects of the city are attractive. They draw you in for more exploration, for more discovery.


What a place for romance! The scenery, the gardens, the buildings, the art, the bistros and eateries, the wine and the cheese. There are many things that bring romance to the table for a couple. The city is filled with romance.

Couples hand in hand walking through the streets, intimately conversing over the little things in life. There are many people gazing into each other’s eyes and looking deeply into the others’ discovering a deeper connection with the other person.


There are many passions in Paris. One of these is food. The French are passionate about their food. There is a desire to experience a meal. Americans are typically a fast food nation. For Americans to experience a meal is a little frustrating.

I think the Parisian Passion is deterred from connecting with a fast-food perspective. There is not an experiential enjoyment in this relationship. So why facilitate a pleasurable experience if someone is not interested in it?

But if you desire an experiential meal, my friends, Paris is passionate to make it happen! You will be served in such a way that you will experience the city unlike any other experience you may have in a city in America. The Parisian passion to exorbitantly inundate you with abundance is overwhelming. But at the least, is a joy to participate in.


There is a love in the city of Paris. It is tangible. It is an aroma that cannot be missed. The planning, the scenery, the buildings, the artwork…it is all a gift to the visitor. It begs you to fall in love with the city of Paris. It is an obvious request, an obvious desire.

Will you love me?

That is the question of Paris, France. And you can almost hear a “please” at the end of that question.

Organic Church in Switzerland and France and Worldwide

There are brothers and sisters in Switzerland and France who we also got to see. I fell in love at first sight, coup de foudre.

You see, the Bride of Christ is attractive. She is appealing. She draws you in with her light. She invites you to explore and discover her riches that are in Christ.

The Bride of Christ is a romantic. She desires to be romanced by a worthy suitor. And Christ is worthy. He walks hand in hand with us. He converses intimately with us over the small things. He looks deep into our eyes and allows us to discover our deep connection with Him. He is a Romancer.

The Bride of Christ is passionate. She desires an experience that exorbitantly inundates her with abundance in a way that no other suitor can. She increasingly desires joy and participation.

The Bride of Christ is in love. She has fallen in love at first sight, coup de foudre, with her Groom. She sees no other. She has accepted His gift of love. She has given Her love to Him. And no other.

As a member of the Bride of Christ and in Organic Church, may we coup de foudre. May we see Christ and no other. May we experience His romance of us. May we be passionate towards Him as we explore and discover His riches and the Bride’s riches.

And remember . . .

We were loved at first sight.


  1. Michael K. · September 20, 2012

    I remember in seminary there was a professor who was absolutely livid about a romantic view of Christ and the Church. He wanted to extract all ideas of passion from the young believers sitting in front of him. And, sadly, I think it worked.

    But now, I see this metaphor, THE metaphor for Christ and the Church and I swoon in my spirit. Romance between men and women wasn’t first. Romance in the heart of God was first. His desire to know his Bride intimately – the original romance.

    I had a friend from seminary who wrote a blog post deriding a worship song that used the phrase, “When Heaven meets Earth like a sloppy wet kiss.” It’s as if some don’t realize that all things romantic between a man and a woman are but shadows of Christ and His love for the Church.

    My view of our Lord is much clearer when I accept His passion. It is not perverted to view Christ and the Church in this way. It is perverted not to.

    • marklchampion · September 20, 2012

      That’s good stuff, Michael. Swooning is awesome! The Bride swoons for Her Groom. The opportunity to be with our Groom in an intimate way is unmatched by any shadow that may be presented on earth. And may I say that I believe Heaven met Earth with a sloppy wet kiss about 2 thousand years ago! Thankful to be able to be a part of the Love Story. Also looking forward to fellowship with you all soon.

  2. kaleymayer · September 20, 2012

    Christ and His Bride are like no other. We definitely fell in love at first glance with the Bride in Nashville.

    • marklchampion · September 21, 2012

      Awesome! Thanks for reading Kaley. Also, it is great to hear of the fellowship where you are at currently. Looking forward to hearing about how the Lord is building there.

  3. jimpuntney · September 20, 2012

    “coup de foudre” is an irrepressible reaction to knowing the One who is Love. “In” Him we find the joy of Life, and the eternal beauty of belonging. This belonging is with Christ, and “one another” we are inseparable. So thankful that you all had the opportunity to meet up with our brother & sisters in France and Switzerland.

    • marklchampion · September 21, 2012

      Amen, amen! He is Love! To know Who you belong to is a gift. Thanks for reading and commenting Jim. A few more “Letters” to come!

  4. Trevor Honeycutt · September 25, 2012

    Only way to not fall in love instantly, is to not have eyes to see.

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