Where I’ve Been

Wow. It has been two weeks since I last posted… ish. Sorry for the delay. However, I have been lost for a little bit. I have had a difficult time with stimuli I have received as of late. The stimuli I have had difficulty with has been …

…a book.

During any free minute I have had, I have buried my face in the new book by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola. It has been a difficult read. But in no way has the difficulty been negative.

The difficulty has come through the massive amounts of discoveries that Sweet and Viola reveal through their writings. I am so thankful for this work. The purpose of this post is to provide some hints to the book that will encourage you to jump in and make the purchase, whether it is a hardcover, like I got, or a Kindle version.

Here is a copy of my book review at Amazon.com. I feel it is a small glimpse into the content of what the authors give us through their writings.

Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola have exposed Jesus in a way that is fresh and new to our generation. I have sat in a pew and listened to stories about this Man, Jesus, and how they applied to my life. I have been in groups where we have talked about this Man. I have read books, and even scripture about this Man, looking for things to mimic and be a disciple of.

Jesus: A Theography has taken me way past the story of being a disciple. Sweet and Viola take you through the “First Testament” and connect you to Christ in rapid fire. You will be inundated with visions of Christ that will explode your view of Him. He will enlarge. He will become overwhelming. He will saturate your view of what you thought the Old Testament was. It is no longer “old.” It will become “first.” As you journey through the “Second Testament” you will see Jesus Christ as much more than a prophet. He will be much more than a priest, or rabbi, or healer, or miracle worker, or even king.

The discovery that comes through the reading of Jesus: A Theography is much like a revealed mystery. There will be fulfillment as you read about this Man. There will be life shared as you read about this Man. You will see a much greater story than the one you have heard in the past. You will be given information that will change your story you are currently connected to. As the dots connect, the revelation of Jesus Christ and His riches will redefine your perspective of Him.

The footnotes provided will give you many more discoveries if you are looking to find more. If you are looking for a wonderful read about a man, the text alone is enjoyable and an easy read. It is a dense book, quantity and quality. If you take the time to discover this Man new and afresh, you will be rewarded with a colorful and life giving journey through time as you enjoy Sweet’s and Viola’s perspective of Jesus.

You can purchase Jesus: A Theography through this link. My recommendation is to grab a copy of it, sit down and begin reading. You will fall in love with Jesus Christ all over again and in a deeper way. It reminds me of a song that some of you may know:

We keep falling in love with You, over and over and over and over again.
We keep falling in love with You, over and over and over and over again.

You grow sweeter and sweeter as the days go by.
Oh what a love between the Lord and I.

We keep falling in love with You, over and over and over and over again.

Until the next post, may we continue to fall in love with our Savior, our Source, our Priest, our Healer, our Groom, our Prophet, our King: Jesus Christ.


  1. jimpuntney · October 22, 2012

    I’m walking the same path, and my early comment would be concerning ‘Jesus: A Theography’ is the introduction is worth the price of admission. Also I fully agree with your “We keep falling in love with You, over and over and over and over again.” this is so very true.

  2. Marc Winter · October 23, 2012

    I am wondering about Viola. Since writing Pagan Christianity with Barna, and Reimagining Church. Viola, on his blog, has consistently back tracked is entire premise of leaving the institutional churches in favor of natural and organic expressions. Did the money available in speaking engagements in churches have an effect?

    • marklchampion · October 24, 2012

      Hey Marc, not sure where you’re coming from or why you’re saying what you’re saying. I have been encouraged and built up in Christ through the writings that Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola have put together in “Jesus: A Theography.” The view of Who Christ is and where He is has been greatly enlarged by their work. I am sorry that you have an affected view of him as a person. I hope you are able to be encouraged by their writings as well. I believe there is something in that book for every person who is looking to learn more about Jesus.

  3. gunnarblog · October 23, 2012

    Mr. Winter,
    brother, I have to say, what you said seems incredibly ill-informed. Can you provide examples on Frank’s blog where he has done this backtracking? And have you talked or written to him about it? Are you currently aware of how often he is out speaking right now (answer: not very) and how he has been dedicating time to writing. (And if you’ve seen how many books he has released in recent history, obviously, the man is spending A LOT of time writing.) I am not sure, perhaps I am misreading your intent online, but as someone who has read Frank’s blog quite frequently for quite some time, I don’t see how anyone could draw such a conclusion.

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