No Shave November

Last year, November was dedicated to my late Uncle. He passed away from appendix cancer. No-Shave-November on my face was launched. My cheeks have never been the same.


One word . . .


The path I have walked over the past few years has been overwhelmed with the face of Christ. I have looked left and right and seen the riches of His Kingdom and they have been made tangible to me in ways I have never experienced before.

So why make a big deal about No-Shave-November? Well, in October, my face began to itch. Itch to grow. There is a pretty strong beard movement happening. Not sure if you’ve caught a glimpse of that yet. But the winds are blowing for manly facial hair!

Purpose Knocking

As October came to a close and November knocked on my door, October 31 . . .

I shaved.

When I woke up the next morning, my face cried out. It was time.

Time to grow.

Time to be.

Time to reveal the glories of what is inside my cheeks!

It was only a matter of time before the hair follicles in my face attached to something bigger than themselves.

The Big Picture

Something else you may know about me. I coach soccer. One of my players’ mother is documenting her journey with her bought with cancer. I would HIGHLY encourage you to read about it. She has provided me with a unique perspective of the battle, the day-in and day-out of putting on the gloves and boxing her foe.

She presents a no-holds-barred behind the scenes view of her heart, her preparation, her battle, and her wounds and recovery. For me, it was a never-before-seen view of what it is like to be IN the fight.

Behind the veil, so to speak.

Here is a quote from the post she made on September 30. Reading her post from this day puts life into perspective for me.

I was going to make a list of top ten things never to say to a cancer patient, but I ran into someone at my reunion that saved me the trouble and rolled it all up into one.

“I didn’t follow your little Internet cancer adventure thing, but I’m so glad you beat that.”

Wow. Winner-winner chicken dinner.

She goes on to describe her “little adventure” and evokes a poingant response. Please read her blog. Sign up to follow her “little adventure.” If you have been moved to a response, let her know. If you aren’t, you will still enjoy her writing style. She will have you giggling AND caring all at the same time.

Her name is Amy. She is my inspiration for No-Shave-November. For her, become aware. For her, become educated. For you, get screened for what you have ignored for so long. Talk to your doctor about it.

Growth Speaks

It is now November 19, over half-way through them month. Thanksgiving is this week. For those of you not in the US, that is basically when Americans eat a lot, shop a lot, watch a lot of American football, and … not shave.

I’ve got a head start. And the follicles in my face have a fine purpose.

So, for Amy and her story, for the support she desires and craves, for the others who don’t have a “month” to bring awareness to their concern…

These follicles are for you.

Get screened. It could impact your life while you are still on this earth.

Here is a link to if you have been thinking about it and didn’t know where to start.

And again, here is a link to her blog. Follow:


  1. nashvegasmom · November 19, 2012

    Wow. Thank you Mark. A perfect end to a very challenging day.

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