Organic Systems

Depending on where you are coming from, the term Organic Systems is kind of an oxymoron.

Organic is supposed to be free-flowing with no restrictions as long as it comes from what is expressing organic life.

Systems are something structured and programmed for a preconceived end result.

There is no way these things are close to being alike . . . or are they?

I have been seeing more and more folks talk about freedom in the Organic Church movement. I have been hearing from other perspectives that covering and leadership and discipline are missing from these environments.

My desire is to reflect on what God has created in each and every one of us.

This past week when I was meeting with the brothers and sisters in Nashville, the portion I shared with them was in regards to the reticular activating system, or the extrathalmic control modulatory system. A friend of mine had pointed me to this video. It really was an interesting perspective when it comes to Life in Christ.

Here is a short video explaining the reticular activating system from someone I don’t know, Keith Young, on YouTube:

This is a fascinating topic, especially considering what the Lord has been telling me about Organic Church and Systems.

I will be writing a new series called Organic Church Systems. My desire is that this will shine Light on something we are all aware of, but may not have looked at just yet, like the reticular activating system in our brain.

Can we focus differently? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

It is my belief that it will be up to you to see how the Lord wants to use your reticular activating system to reveal more about Himself to you. My hope is that you will allow Him to show you more of Himself.






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