Slip N Slide Joy

Just a little fun for you for the weekend prior to a big date in the Christian Calendar, Christmas.

There is a lot of Joy that is talked about during this season. Enjoy seeing Joy through this video. And those of you that are trapped with snow, this video may give you some ideas to take advantage of the snowflakes!

My favorite part is :45 through :47 and the background. What was your favorite clip of Joy?

I hope you enjoy. Have a great holiday break, for those of you that have it. And remember, this season is one of many. May we know the Eternal Purpose of why this season is part of a greater Reason.


  1. Jamal Jivanjee (@JamalJivanjee) · December 22, 2012

    Thanks for sharing this. Great video. My sighting of Christ was the few second clip when a German Shepherd dog was drinking out of one of the pools. I actually think there is a lot in that clip:)

  2. Trevor Honeycutt · December 30, 2012

    Wow! That looked like so much fun!

    I saw joy in all the smiling faces, as they gave themselves fully to the big adventure.

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