Cardiovascular System

The Cardiovascular System. How does this system relate to an Organic Church System? this is the first post of a few that will look to discuss the Organic Church movement and how it relates to natural systems. You know your systems in your body, right?

I believe that God created our bodies in His image. He created the Church as the Body of Christ. With that premise, we will go on a journey of Human Major Body Systems. With a little help from a doctor friend of mine, Burton Brooks, M.D., I’ll be sure I don’t stray too far from scientific truth as I discuss some spiritual revelations about Spiritual Truth and Spiritual Reality.

First up is the Cardiovascular System. Here are the basics:



Blood vessels.

That’s it. Ok, not really, but those are the main components of this system…the major players, if you will. But there are also processes that aid the cardiovascular system overall. These are pulmonary circulation, systemic circulation, and coronary circulation.


The heart pumps the oxygenated blood to the entire body and the deoxygenated blood to the lungs. Human hearts consist of one atrium and one ventricle for both of these processes. There are a couple sub-systems, my words, that name the flow of what the heart pumps, blood. These sub-systems are systemic circulation (flow from the heart to all of the body parts, and from all the body parts back to the heart), pulmonary circulation (flow from the heart to the lungs, and then from the lungs to the heart), and coronary circulation (basically, the blood flow that supplies the heart itself). The heart also has an electrical conduction system that spurs cells of the heart to flex and pump the blood.


The blood is the source of all life, right? For humans, yes. Blood is composed of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and blood plasma. Red blood cells move oxygen to different muscles in the body. White blood cells assist the Immune System (to be discussed later) and help resist infections. Platelets aid in clotting of blood. Blood plasma is mostly water, but contains a lot of stuff that moves throughout the human body as nutrients and/or waste products.

Blood Vessels

There are three kinds of blood vessels. Arteries, capillaries and veins. Artery blood vessels carry blood away from the heart to the body and the capillaries. Capillaries facilitate the exchange of substances between blood and the body’s tissues. Veins carry blood from the capillaries and the body back to the heart.

These three aspects of the Cardiovascular System in the human body have massive implications in the Body of Christ and how we function together. Some of the implications could be:

The Heart in the Body of Christ

Pushers and pullers of the source of Life. Pumps Life to the Body. Draws substances to be removed from the Body. Not necessarily actively, but just by functioning as a heart functions. There can be an electric charge from the functioning members of this part of the Body.

For example, I have seen different brothers and sisters at different times in different meetings, with their perspective and their passion, push Christ towards the members of the Body. I have also seen brothers and sisters engage with substances not healthy for the Body. They have drawn those things out of the Body.

The Blood in the Body of Christ

Also considered the Life Blood of Christ. The Body is provided Life giving substance through the Blood of the Body. The Life Blood also combats infections. The Life Blood heals. The Life Blood moves Life and removes Death.

For example, brothers and sisters have spoken words to one another that have encouraged and edified and given Life to each other. There have been times when a word has been spoken to defend against a pet doctrine or a law-based comment or thought. I have also seen brothers and sisters healed from relationships with the Body of Christ. They may not have been cured from their affliction, but they have been healed because they have been able to see their true identity and location, in Christ.

The Blood Vessels in the Body of Christ

In the Body of Christ, the Blood Vessels may be those spaces and/or people who facilitate movement and exchange of Life to and from the Body of Christ. There is also another purpose of Blood Vessels, to facilitate the removal of Death from the Body.

For example, I have seen brothers and sisters give of their homes, of their resources, and of themselves, to share the Life of Christ with another.

All of these actions have come from another source besides the need for “do-ing” anything. Like blood in the human body does not require a mental commitment and focus on the heart to pump the blood to the body, the source of Life does not come by thinking about how to do it, or plan it, or anything like that. The Life of Christ is shared from the foundation of Christ Himself.

If we are dead to ourselves, He is able to use us to function in His Body. Even if we have an agenda, or a selfish viewpoint of Life in Christ, He will still use us as He heals us and redeems us for Himself.

This Cardiovascular System in the Body of Christ can be summed up as such:

A flow that facilitates the removal of death by self through death of self, the healing and resurrection to be established, and the exchange of the Life of Christ among one another.

As you can see, in Organic Church, these systems can be fabricated and manipulated. The source of those systems will come from that man or that woman who would be pushing their initiative or agenda.

I beg of us to deny our own agendas and initiatives about the Body of Christ and what it should look like.

WHO it should look like…

is Christ.

He will show us.


  1. jimpuntney · January 9, 2013

    Great analogy bro!

    • marklchampion · January 9, 2013

      Thanks for reading, Jim, and for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to the other posts coming soon.

  2. David & Rebekah · January 9, 2013

    Dig it bro. As blood is the life flow of the human body, the Holy Spirit is the life flow of Christ’s body! Great examples of what that can look like in the practical.

    • marklchampion · January 9, 2013

      That’s right, David! That flow is what draws us to Christ-likeness, isn’t it! Thankful for His Words that bring nourishment and remove death and waste! Love you bro.

  3. Jamal Jivanjee (@JamalJivanjee) · January 9, 2013

    Very insightful. I see His heart pumping in you. Thx for taking the time to write this.

    • marklchampion · January 9, 2013

      Thanks for reading, Jamal. Thank you for the encouragement. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the posts go. Love you bro.

  4. Jim Gregg · January 9, 2013

    What a healthy reminder…thanks Mark

    • marklchampion · January 13, 2013

      Thanks for reading, Jim. Glad you were reminded and encouraged! Love you bro.

  5. Peter Newman · January 10, 2013

    Mark, you have chosen a good way to explain how organic church works. In the natural, when any of the body’s major organic systems such as the nervous system or cardiovascular system is obstructed, the body quickly loses its vitality. Its immune system is compromised; its members stop functioning; and the body itself can die. Likewise, if the church relies on her natural ability ability instead of abiding in Christ, she blocks Christ’s life from nourishing her. The church must stay connected to Christ’s headship in order to be sustained by His life. Jesus emphasized this vital aspect of knowing Him when He taught His disciples, “My sheep follow Me because they know My voice.” When the church fails to hear and obey Christ’s voice, her fellowship and connection to Him is lost. The result is spiritual degeneration and death – a form of religion without Christ’s life. As members of His body, let us take Jesus’ exhortation to heart. “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the church.”

    • marklchampion · January 13, 2013

      Peter, glad you we able to grab so much from this post. You are on to my line of though for this series! To stay connected to Christ’s headship, that is it, isn’t it! To step away from the natural and into Him! Te place of peace and rest and life!

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  8. Trevor Honeycutt · January 16, 2013

    Love this analogy bro. Good stuff.

    As the blood is the life-flow of the body, so the Spirit is the life-flow of the Body. I like how you show the different parts (people) in the body, all exist to support and enhance the flow of life-in and death-out. More flow = more Life.

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