Revelations from Backyard Chickens

So, my wife, Julie, and I got chickens! In our area we have a chicken ordinance that has allowed for backyard chickens. We have a garden, so why not chickens, right?

Julie and I came home from meeting with some brothers and sisters tonight. On the way home, we were discussing some of the positive and difficult aspects of Body Life. There was some conversation about some of the brothers and sisters that we love and care so much about. We see some of them having difficulties on their own.

It has been important for me to deny my self in trying to fix everyone. That is a trait that is not God’s will. I desire for everyone to see the Lord and enjoy Him in the experience and Life I have been given. However, I have learned, it is not up to me to transfer, or project, my experience on others.

I have learned to experience. That’s it!

As we got home, we were kind of wrapping up this conversation and I realized I had a responsibility. I had to check on the chickens!baby chickens

Two of them are 3 weeks old. Two of them are a little over a week old. They’re tiny. They have little feet. They have fur, not feathers. Ok, it’s not fur, but it sure does look like it! And the feathers are actually coming in.

The two little ladies, we haven’t named them yet, are having a little issue. Their rear feathers, or butt feathers, are catching their excrement.

I read about this and the danger behind it (no pun intended). If someone or something doesn’t clean this off, it can back up the little chick and they will die. If you clean that stuff off, life goes on for the little chicken. You can even trim the butt fuzz a little so that it doesn’t catch any of the excrement.

Folks, this is true. I trimmed the fuzz and it worked! WOOHOO!!

Now, the revelation of the Lord I saw in this was funny, but definitely pertinent to the Body of Christ. You see, some young brothers and sisters in the Lord aren’t aware of who they are just yet. Perhaps they understand where the food and water is so they feed there every now and then. Perhaps they want to run around and exercise so they jump around and enjoy what God has given them.

If there isn’t warmth and love for these little ones, these young brothers and sisters will not experience Life.

If they aren’t aware of the damage of something in their life, or they haven’t matured enough to be able to do anything about it, it will be important for someone else to come along side of them and help them remove certain things from their lives. Because if not, these young brothers and sisters will die of causes they were not even aware of.

Once their identity if received and lived out, Life goes on, doesn’t it? We’ve seen that over and over here.

I’m looking forward to seeing these young chickens grow up into hens that lay eggs for our family and friends. That is their function. They are layers. They are laying eggs yet. It takes time and nutrition and growth and the right environment. But eggs are coming.

I’m looking forward to seeing my young brothers and sisters as well as myself learn to function fully as a member of the Body of Christ. I hope to be a part of the environment that is warm and loving that allows for proper nutrition and maturity. Because the Lord’s Life is alive in us and coming through us.

When we crack open His gift to us, it is full of Life. For ourselves and for others.


  1. Trevor Honeycutt · February 11, 2013

    Well said, farmer Mark!

  2. Jamal Jivanjee (@JamalJivanjee) · February 12, 2013


    What a powerful revelation! I’m thankful that our heavenly Farmer / Father is faithful to ‘trimm our fuzz’. I’m honored to experience this with you in this wonderful community of saints. Thanks for taking the time to share your revelation with us.

  3. David & Rebekah · February 12, 2013

    Great post Mark! I can totally see that playing out for each of us. We’ve all been babes in the faith at some point. We all will be in some area. It’s important to come alongside each other and bring what is needed to help a brother or sister mature. Even if it’s butt fuzz trimming 🙂

    I’ve needed and will need that from the Body. I sure ought to be willing to give it.

  4. Kenny P · February 21, 2013

    This is a very insightful post Mark! We all have to come together and help each other grow to mature in out faith.

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