Oh My God

Have you ever heard someone connected with western Christianity say, “Oh my god?”

Ever wonder where that came from?

Supplication? Excitement? Concern? Awe? Anger?

There are many more emotions that can evoke this phrase. That is not the purpose of this post. I only want to focus on one word of this phrase.


That is the basis of western Christianity. I have had some conversations recently that have really been focused on “my perspective” and “my views” and “my story.” All of these things are good things. It is encouraging to hear different perspectives and views and stories.

What are these all connected to? A person. An individual.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if “my perspective, views and story” were actually part of another perspective, another view, another story?

You see, when we say “my”, we can be detaching ourselves from the current situation and circumstance. It is important to have examples that demonstrate our personal stories as part of a greater story. It gives traction to the work of the the Greater Story.

If we tell “my story” that isn’t attached to the Greater Story, we are basically saying, “Oh my god.”

We are making an idol or a god or a focus or a selfish ambition or a deity out of our story, our perspective, our view.

May we nullify our own terms and may we agree and connect forever with the Terms and Conditions of God who has a greater perspective, a greater view, a Greater Story.

Besides, He isn’t my god. He is our God.

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