Launchpad McQuack

If you don’t know who Lauchpad McQuack is, let me introduce him to you. There was a cartoon in the late 80’s called DuckTales.


Launchpad was a pilot who had an uncanny ability to crash land. He “never met a plane [he] couldn’t crash.”

Another think about Launchpad was his pretty sweet outfit he wore in almost every episode he was in. A bomber jacket, a scarf, and some goggles. He rocked that outfit perfectly like only someone named Launchpad could!

There is some interesting thoughts about this character I have been flying around with.

Your Gifts

Use them! Even if you crash every time! Launchpad was a gifted plane flier. Perhaps not lander, but flier. He didn’t shy away from his gift of flying a plane because he crash landed. He got Uncle Scrooge McDuck out of a few tough situations with his flying gifts.

Launchpad even introduced himself as the guy who had “never met a plane [he] couldn’t crash.” He lived in his weakness. He didn’t hide from it. He brought it to the top of his resume. You know why?

He knew he could fly!

Can you?

Can you fly? I can’t. But there are other gifts that I have that come with weaknesses. I believe that if we work from the space of our gifts, while acknowledging our weaknesses, we are able to live a Life that is fuller. We tend to connect with folks that cover our weaknesses. As we cover each other weaknesses, we, as a whole, make a lot of good happen in this world!

Your Outfit

What are you wearing?

I know. That can be a creepy question. Especially when you don’t know who is calling…

However, take that question from the perspective of Launchpad. He was wearing goggles. A bomber jacket. A scarf.

He was prepared for the extremes his gifts brought his way. Goggles blocked his eyes from distractions or precipitation from his flights. His scarf kept him warm while he was in the skies. His bomber jacket protected him from the elements as well.

He had clothing that allowed him to function while he was using his gifts. These clothes didn’t get in the way of being real outside of functioning either. They were always available, but not restricting.

So, figuratively, what are you wearing? Is it protecting you from EVERYTHING? Or is it protecting you from the elements that distract and invade your space when you function? Or do your clothes make others walk the other way when you enter their space? Or are you wearing someone else’s clothes? Or none at all?

Your Identity

The big thing that I connected with when I watched Duck Tales in the 80’s was this guy. Launchpad. He did crazy stuff. Was inadvertently helpful for the Duck Tales group through flying around and crash landing places.

His name.Launchpad McQuack


His name wasn’t…


I’m not sure he would have been as impactful if his name was Landingstrip.

Launchpad was his identity.

And he rocked out his identity to the best of his ability.

What’s your name? It may have something to do with your identity that was given to you prior to anyone knowing. It may have been given to you because of a relative or an idea your parents had. Perhaps it was given to you from another Source.

You have the opportunity to discover your name. Perhaps all you need to do is listen. Perhaps your given name is from a realm where you have an identity that is waiting to be displayed.

I’m stoked about those moments. When we discover our true Identity.

Those moments.

Whew! Beautiful!

I truly hope and pray you hear your Identity.

May your Identity be a Launchpad for an expression you have never been able to conjure up on your own. May you live from that Source and display something Other.


  1. Captivated · May 7, 2013

    That’s good bro! Having the appropriate ‘outfit’ on that allows us to function in our gifts is something I haven’t considered. Spot on. Excited to ponder that. Identity through knowing your name is an awesome blessing. The Lord showed me first hand who I am in Him after he pulled me out of the pig pin…David Michael. Had that name my whole life but never know myself by it until He showed me by His life.

    David – Beloved. Michael – Who is like God?. I am loved by an incomprehensible God…we all are! Thanks for functioning.

    • marklchampion · May 8, 2013

      Thanks for reading and for commenting and sharing your name. It is beautiful to consider our names. May we wear clothes appropriate for our functioning!

  2. gunnarblog · May 8, 2013

    This post is epic. I could dwell on this one for quite a bit of time…

    • marklchampion · May 8, 2013

      I was hoping you’d read it! Thanks for reading. Looking forward to sharing over a burger!

  3. Captivated · May 13, 2013

    Hey, when does “Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers” get their shout out? 😉

  4. Michael L. King · May 29, 2013

    I LOVED Duck Tales. A-Wooo-Ooo.

    This is a cool insight. Launchpad lived out of his identity and so he functioned without letting weakness paralyze him. May the Lord multiply this kind of boldness in His Bride!

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