Buzz Lightyear. I’ve been thinking about Buzz for a while. If you don’t know Buzz Lightyear, let me fill you in. He’s a cartoon character. His famous quote is usually stated right after he sprouts his plastic wings. Then he yells, “To infinity…and beyond!”

His antics don’t necessarily take him to some far distant place. But of course, the adventure begins. His mindset got him to begin on that journey.

Have you ever been to a point where you sprouted some plastic wings with the mindset you were about to launch into something that was about to change your circumstance or your environment?

Ok…maybe without plastic wings…

If you haven’t, let me share with you about some of my friends…from what I hear, from people like Buzz. People who have been there. Let’s call them The Lightyear’s.

They’ve been on the edge of a cliff…

They’ve been looking a decision to move to another part of the country…

They’ve had a lifestyle of mediocrity and have been given a chance to see another perspective…

They’ve been forced out of their normalcy, into the unknown…

They’ve seen the two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and took the one less traveled…

They’ve been in the toy crusher and have had to fight their way out…

The Lightyear’s

You know what the coolest thing is about the Lightyear’s? These Divine Siblings have decided to remove the limits from their lives and truly discover what’s on the other side of their boxes.

You and I can be with those Lightyear’s. They will adopt us into their family. Actually, the only thing that needs to happen for us to join the Lightyear’s is this:

When we come to that moment of decision, and we have the chance to turn and stay in the norm, or in what we have done for years, or the traditions that have kept us in our rhythms, we have the heart of Buzz.


Where there are no limits, Life begins.

May we be limitless. And may we experience Life in a refreshing way!

Here’s to the Lightyear’s!



  1. Trevor Honeycutt · June 9, 2013

    Enjoying the adventure with you bro!

  2. Captivated · June 10, 2013

    My conversations with the Lord this week will be started as such…”Dave Lightyear to Star Command. Come in Star Command!” Let’s journey on brotherman 🙂

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