Fear. Don’t.

I coach soccer. Last night, I had practice…as I do every week.

I wanted to get across an idea known as possession. Basically, all that means is ‘keeping the ball’ amongst your team.

This can be an individual endeavor, but more than likely, it is a team effort. It’s definitely easier as a team, for sure.

The idea I was trying to develop for possession was the idea of rotation.

In the formation we employ, a 4-3-3 for any of you soccer nerds, the middle consists of three players that form sort of a triangle, one player behind (DM) and two players in front (AM’s). With possession in mind, the DM sees if she is being marked or closely defended. If not, she asks for the ball. If she is, rotation begins.

The DM will rotate out of her space and an AM will take her place. If the DM rotates right, the right AM, rotates to the left AM, and the left AM rotates to the DM. In a triangular rotation.

Got It?

If the DM is open, I ask the girls to play her the ball. I ask that she only gets the ball played to her IF SHE CAN RECEIVE, TURN, AND PLAY THE BALL FORWARD. If she can’t turn, we don’t play her and she rotates out. The next player rotates in and we try to play her…IF SHE CAN RECEIVE, TURN, AND PLAY THE BALL FORWARD.

So on and so forth…

At the end of practice, I ask the girls to review the major themes of the evening, and they start regurgitating the ideas of the evening’s session.

I asked, “What did we work on tonight, ladies?”

A player replied, “Don’t pass to a player who is marked.”

I said, “No.”

Fear. Don’t.


You see, a lot of times, when we are learning something new, we put boundaries on things so we can understand what NOT to do. That helps us live in definite’s and for-sure’s.

I have seen a lot of press online about things we shouldn’t live in or give focus to…like Fear, or Miley Cyrus…

You know the whole phrase, “Don’t think about the end of your nose…”

And we always do. And our nose starts itching and stuff…

We give focus to what we don’t want to give focus to when we ask ourselves to not focus on those things…

My Response

What did I say to the player who said, “Don’t pass to a player who is marked.”

I reminded them, “We worked on playing the ball to a player who can receive the ball, can turn, and can play the ball forward.”

To those of us who are intently trying to not focus on fear or anger or sin or whatever…what CAN we focus on instead of those things?

What say you? Share with me in the comments section. What have people asked you NOT to focus on? What CAN be focused on instead?

And as people ask you to not focus on something in everyday life, I would encourage you to remind each other what TO focus on.

Much love.


  1. Trevor Honeycutt · August 29, 2013

    Such a great word, Mark! I’m so guilty of telling myself and my kids what NOT to focus on, and really need to improve on providing a vision of what TO focus on.

    Someone once said that “people are like cameras, what we focus on is what develops”.

    Let’s focus on Christ and His kingdom!

    • marklchampion · August 29, 2013

      Amen’s all around, bro. Hoping to develop more of Christ with you and your family!

  2. Meredith, Dallas sister · August 29, 2013

    Fear has no place in love…..who happens to be Jesus! As we chew on Christ and his unfathomable(spl?) awesome love, I think our focus on what we DO want is undeniable. it’s just that unconformed soul that tricks us-maybe:)

    • marklchampion · August 29, 2013

      That tricky soul! But yes, He is unfathomable. He is awesome. He is Love! Thanks for reading, Meredith, and for commenting!

  3. jimpuntney · August 29, 2013

    Perfect Love casts out fear, for fear has nothing in common with the Tree of Life, fear comes only from the other tree, the tree of death

  4. Captivated · August 30, 2013

    “Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister”. That’s the theme of 1 John 4. Not fear having to do with punishment. Good perspective. With ya bro!

    • marklchampion · September 15, 2013

      Truth. Love definitely reveals action for today and how we can actually distribute His Love!

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