Have You Checked In?

Labor Day Weekend in America. It is a long three-day weekend for most Americans. Over the years, Labor Day and it’s importance has shifted. A couple things have remained the same.

The beginning of College Football is typically on Labor Day Weekend.

The end of Seersucker Suit Season is on Labor Day.

Seersucker Suit Season

Seersucker Suit Season

Another thing folks do on Labor Day Weekend is take one more trip of the summer to check out for the last time before the kid’s education gets serious.

Some people call it vacation. Some people check out.

With vacation, folks vacate a space and inhabit another. With checking out, people check out of a certain rhythm and check in to another rhythm for a couple days.

That got me to thinking, when have I just checked out of something without a Holiday to blame?

Then I began thinking about something else. What if I haven’t even checked in to something yet? What if there is something I am fully capable of connecting with, if only I would “check in” to that idea?

Like a hotel reserves a room for me every time one of my soccer teams come into the area, all I have to do is check in. I get a door key. I get to take the elevator to my floor. I get to slide that key through the lock on the door and the green light comes on. And I get to enter that room, throw my bags down, and fall onto the bed and rest.

Some times there is even a piece of chocolate on the pillow!

There was one tournament where I was running really late. I got in during AM hours. I decided to not check in to the hotel, but to go to the parking lot of the soccer park and sleep in my car so I didn’t miss my early morning game in a couple hours.

Yes, I slept in my car. Yes, it was some sort of rest.

But only if I had checked in to my hotel room that was reserved for me, the rest would have been fuller. I would have been more prepared to meet the next day’s challenges.

You have been given something. Have you received it? Have you checked in to that gift?

Whatever the need. Whatever the moment. The Lord is there for you.

You’ve been given a story. For a purpose. Why do you have your story? What has it built in you? The Lord has carried you through a journey to be built up for a purpose.

He even had reservations for you at the swankiest hotel in town that has the best mattresses and yummiest chocolate on the pillows! The shower gels and lotions are top notch. The room service is amazing!

Check in.


Have a Happy Labor Day Weekend and don’t forget to hang up that Seersucker Suit on Monday night, ok?


  1. hectorsue23 · August 30, 2013

    and the white shoes..no more white shoes.
    excited about resting in Christ. Checking into the Almighty and if there is any work to be done, it’s with His energy. His might. Through us…

    • marklchampion · September 15, 2013

      Resting in Christ definitely moves us too, doesn’t it? It’s that paradox of with resting in Him I work. Or when I am functioning, which looks like work, in Him, I am truly at rest in Him. Kinda mind trippy!

  2. Trevor Honeycutt · August 30, 2013

    Thank you Jesus, for rest in You!

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