Holy Grail

WARNING! Mature lyrical content. Be aware of who reads this and how this is read.

The heart of this post is to see Christ and share His Life. Period.

It’s amazing we are in this space with the other. If we try to, we can understand it. We can pursue the system, or the code. And try to crack it. And maybe we will…for a minute.

Jay Z and Justin Timberlake have a very interesting perspective of what the system of this world provides. The lyrics of the song Holy Grail draw you in, and the way the video is presented is quite amazing.

Bottom line, Jay Z has TV’s showing his face in a huge mansion with a butler and all the champagne he wants and bright lights and and women and marble statues of famous people while a snake slivers over a HUGE pile of cash. JT gets off an elevator at another large entry way, sits at a table with loads of food while he watches women draped in sheer curtains, drawing his interest.

Enough’s enough. Jay Z can’t even walk his daughter in a park. And then he makes a wonderful comment. His life is a lie, like Michael Jackson’s Thriller…walking dead.

Sippin from your cup til it runneth over. Holy Grail.

This song is a story of someone who is being consumed and expressed by another life…or death. It is a torrential love affair. It is an abusive relationship. This is an only one way life that is given. Jay Z and JT share how they are pouring their lives out. And so is Hammer. And Tyson.

With nothing in return…except:

  • bankruptcy
  • loss of shelter, food, clothes
  • loss of relationship
  • cheating relationship
  • hate
  • suicide
  • shame
  • no peace
  • pain
  • lies

Sounds wonderful! JT ends the video with the following lyrics while Jay Z sits alone in a big room, contemplating…

I still don’t know why…

why I love it so much

I know why it’s so easy to love. Perhaps it’s because I’m not one of the best entertainers in the world. But I have a feeling that we are all drawn to something that uses us. We all have a feeling inside us that would love to be able to be somewhere else and are willing to “get by” with the relationship we are currently in with that thing, or that career, or that interest, or that other person, or that conversation, or that dream, or that system.

Having the perspective that, if only…

May we listen to the words of the greatest entertainers on the planet right now. There is nothing in that holy grail that is of Life giving substance. It is an empty road. May we be driven to a deeper purpose that we are all able to connect to. May we truly find the Holy Grail.

What is the Holy Grail?

The idea of the Holy Grail back in the day was a pretty cool goblet, of sorts, that held the drink of the hour while you feasted with your people, community, family, friends, whoever.

What if the Holy Grail wasn’t an idea or a dream, but it was an actual reality that was pretty close to us. We didn’t have to dream about it. We didn’t have to idealize it. We didn’t have to search for it. What if the Holy Grail, the Holy Grail that provides us with communion among our people, what if that Holy Grail is among our midst?

What if we just needed to discover?

If we come from a place of searching and being professionals and being right… I don’t know… I guess I’m saying, that’s not for me.

If we come from a place of discovering what is already around us and in us, we could potentially change the entire way we see our people and our community. We could see them as the ones to partake of the Holy Grail together with.

And communion with our people would be intimate and lively and fun and Life giving and peaceful.

This place is here. This Holy Grail is accessible. The Life of Christ desires to be shared. As you discover His Life in you, and look to share His Life with others…

The Holy Grail is on your lips.


  1. Trevor Honeycutt · September 4, 2013

    So the church is the holy grail, and the Lord is the “juice” inside! Love it!

  2. jimpuntney · September 5, 2013

    brother you have touched something, and this poison we all drank together, the pain that could not be erased by whatever, and the emptiness from all of the fullness of the emptiness leaves us searching…searching for Love, for meaning, for the Holy Grail.

    and some have seen, and some have tasted, and some have been bitten by Love that leaves you smitten, and this Love offers and gives, this Love breathes,and gives breath, the Love Lives and gives Life, this Love makes us one ‘in’ Love, and we then can only…Love.

    Jesus is Love, Love is Jesus

    beautifully expressed here bro, this has ‘legs’

    • marklchampion · September 15, 2013

      Thanks for reading Jim! Like Trevor said, the false Holy Grail is only a poor replica of the true Holy Grail: the Church is the Holy Grail, the drink is Christ!

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