New Years Resolution

Your Lucky Number

Do you have a favorite number? Did you play sports when you were younger and always want to grab a certain number on your jersey because it meant something to you?

I did.

I started with 13. Why? because no one wanted that unlucky number. I mean, with all that luck and superstition bound up into the number 13, it was typically a free number for the taking.

Until I moved to Virginia. When I arrived at a soccer team that had been previously assembled, and then I came in as the new guy, I had to get a new jersey. With a number that wasn’t used yet.

13 was taken.

The only thing I could think of was to add one. So I picked 14.

I searched all over for a reason to have 14 and this is what I came up with.


If seven is the number of perfection, then 14 is twice perfection. I provided me with a mindset that helped when my game showed me different. Perhaps I missed a shot or made a bad pass or we lost a game, I always went back to my number.

For us this year, in 2014, way we live from a place of not only perfection, but may we live from an abundance of perfection. Because that is truly who we are. We are exactly who we need to be. Discovering our gifts is the exciting part of Life!


Last year I posted information about what I was going to be shooting for in 2013. You can read it at the post Essence.

Here are a couple of things that were on my Essence List for 2013:

1. More physical activity with my wife. We love to be active, so we are looking to become more active by enjoying Life and all the Lord has to offer with my wife! (We got to do some fairly active things this past year. One of those things was skiing. That was a blast! I will definitely pursue more activity this year as well.)

2. Instead of coffee, drink tea! Overall, drink more water. (I tried the tea thing. I made it to the end of February. I just didn’t like tea! Oh well. But I do need to still drink more water!)

3. Maintain a weekly presence on this blog. (My blogging took an interesting turn at the end of the summer. I will be adding a post to talk more about the direction my blogging is going to be taking. So, more about that later.)

4. Enjoy fellowship with other groups of believers who are living by the Life of Christ. I look forward to doing this with my wife this year. (We really enjoyed meeting up with a lot of folks in Nashville, people from Switzerland, France, Gainesville, FL, Tuscaloosa, AL, Perth, Australia, and more!)

5. Professional goals are wrapped up in supporting the Body. I am continuing to listen to the Lord to see how He would use my talents and gifts to support His Body. (Still working on this. I have started an LLC with a partner and we have our first product! If you’d like, you can check it out. Not sure if it meets any goals you have, but connect with me on those sites if it does and we’ll see what we can do!)

6. My wife and I are looking to raise chickens for their eggs! We are hoping to discover more about the Lord through this agrarian lifestyle. (Wow! Those chickens! Lost 2 to death of unknown/natural causes. Lost 3 to a couple of now-relocated raccoons. But for my new year’s breakfast, I just had 4 eggs from the remaining 5 chickens we still have. Jordan, Couver, Rocky, Pippen, and Fancy. When Fancy lays her first blue egg, I think I’ll celebrate and write a post about it!)


This year, I will be living from that same space when I was 10 years old picking out jersey numbers. I am going to be living from a place of twice perfection. Perhaps you will want to also. Here’s what I’ll be shooting for as well:

1. Looking to interact with folks who express positive Life. I read an article about the fascia of our bodies. It has really challenged me in my relationships as well. I will break that out once I have a little better articulation of the content.

2. Have you ever played The Settlers of Catan? That’s a fun game! My wife and I really enjoy the interactions with folks through that game. And she always wins, so its extra fun for her! Gonna try and play that game more with friends!

3. Like I mentioned above, I will be blogging this year with a slightly different bent. The only hint I have is that the writings for this year will be presented to connect me and others who read these posts to something. That’s about it for now! 🙂

4. Physical activity. Keep it up! Hiking, camping, skiing, fitness. These are all the things that I would like to be a part of this year. Hit me up if you want to do any of that.

5. Business goals are connected to partnering, sustaining growth, and freeing ideas to become realities.

There are a few more that I have, but I’ll stop there for now. Much love to you all. Thank you for reading my posts!

May you all have a TWICE PERFECT 2014!

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