start over, refresh, new beginning

Start Over With A New Year…in August

Start over! It’s a new year!

School is beginning for young students. My wife and I have seen pictures of kids who are starting their first day of kindergarten or 1st grade, etc. I’m starting a new season with my soccer teams. That’s exciting for those families who are at the precipice of new beginnings!

But that’s all of us, isn’t it?

start over, refresh, new beginning

Everyone can start over, if they want to!

Start Over

Our calendars begin on January 1. But we start fresh after Easter, or after Memorial Day, or after July 4th, or after the summer, or after Labor Day, or after Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

That’s the cool thing about being an adult. You get to start over whenever you want. It’s just a mind set.

My wife and I have “started over” with our fitness track. We have had moments where we were excited about what we were going to do with our fitness goals. We have decided to “start over” again with P90X. This time with P90X3.

It’s a 30 minute workout. Not an hour, like the first P90X. We can make time for 30 minutes, can’t we?

Start Over With Someone

Going through this “starting over” period with someone else makes it that much more inspiring, encouraging, and motivational.

You get to talk about common goals, common pains, common failures, common successes.

It’s much more rewarding going on a journey of starting over with someone!

Start Over with Nutrition

Another thing we have noticed is that our diet directly impacts our workouts. I have found it a challenge to eat in a way that enhances my workouts. It is an extremely conscious effort. What I am putting in my body is definitely helping or hurting my 30 minutes with Tony Horton (P90X creator).

When we “start over”, we are going to have to commit to some changes. We are going to have to intentionally manage our intake to help with our output.

Don’t be afraid to start over. Don’t be afraid to grab someone to go on the new journey with you. Don’t be afraid to start your new year right now.

As we go through the P90X3 journey, it will be tough. We hope to have this “start over” period bring some great results for our body.

Won’t you join us? Won’t you start over with us?

What are you going to start over?


  1. Trevor Honeycutt · August 8, 2014

    Good stuff bro.

    Thank you Jesus that your mercies are new every morning, and so each day we can start over, as-needed.

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