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Peace from Finances


My wife and I just began a Financial Peace University class at our home. Money is tough some times.

Our premarital counseling was a good opportunity to collide our backgrounds together, especially with respect to money. We decided to take Dave Ramsey’s 12-week Financial Peace University program as part of a 24-week premarital program that helped us grow closer to each other and prepare us for what was coming. Life together. Forever!

We trudged through the content. It was difficult to get through. Admitting I didn’t know about money in many ways was quite a bit humbling.

What a journey it was! We were able to put together a budget that we could both agree on. We really came together and have been together on money since we went through the Financial Peace University program.

Talking to some friends, we decided to go through another session with others. After day one, my wife and I have ALREADY taken away more learning opportunities! We are excited to go through it again!

I am a member of Dave Ramsey’s MyTMMO is an online community where you can interact with others who are working on their total money makeover everyday!

Right now, I am working on putting together our family’s “I love you drawer”, in case something were to happen to me.  That way my family wouldn’t have to worry about any kind of money issues.  I just wanted to challenge you to do the same thing.

See if you can get it done in 30 days or less. If you use the link below you can sign up for a free 30-day membership!

You can also click on the Gazelle on the sidebar!

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