New, Year, Resolution

The ‘Tweeneth of December

Every year for the past umpteen years, my neighborhood has had a party on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s called the Happy ‘Tween Party.

With this party comes all old friends from the past exchanging stories of the holidays. Everyone shares the love inside their hearts for their old friends. There are also new friends that sneak in every now and then, like me!

The ‘Tween Party was hoppin! A bit later, my wife and I came home to get some rest. We can’t keep up with all those folks! I got into reading a book that I wanted to finish before the end of the year…that was my goal anyway.

In this book there was a passage that really stuck with me. It had to do with Major Causes of Failure. Wow! I really connected with some of these!

While I read through them, I wondered about New Year’s Resolutions coming up for everyone around the world. I wanted to share these causes of failure as warning signs. Folks that are being hard core about their goals for 2015 will see some of these warning signs. I hope that with these signs available, those pushing hard after their goals will be able to dodge distractions while they continue to pursue what they are truly after.

Although the author probably doesn’t need any help, I will provide a quote from the book and then some extra stuff in there. There are 31 distractions that I will highlight over the course of January. I hope you are able to see them as warning signs to dodge the distractions. New Year’s Resolutions are important for those who are going after them.

Here is the entry for January 1.

And if you want a jump on some new year’s resolutions, check out my post from August by CLICKING HERE.

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