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Warning Signs for the New Year: January 2

How did you do with yesterday? Were you able to check in to your heredity? We are looking at warning signs for the new year. There are things that are after you. They are trying to distract you. They are trying to bring you down!

It’s the second day of January and you’re two days into your new year. Keep up the good work on those resolutions! Remember, persistence gives no time to failure. And watch out for the warning signs. I am bringing you 31, one for each day of the month of January. So on to the next one! #31WarningSigns


Major Cause of Failure Number 2:

Lack of a well-defined purpose in life. There is no hope of success for the person who does not have a central purpose, or definite goal at which to aim. Ninety-eight out of every hundred of those who I have analyzed had no such aim. Perhaps this was the major cause of their failure.

– Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

I could go on and on about this one. What is your goal in life? I like how Napoleon Hill put an emphasis on “definite goal“. Some years we put a new year’s resolution together. We resolve to lose weight or drink more water or pay off debt or buy a house or find the spouse of our dreams or make more money or … I’m sure you have an example or two to throw in there.

But are these goals definite? Google the word definite and you’ll find this definition: “clearly stated or decided; not vague or doubtful.” I remember making resolutions in the past that sounded great, but they weren’t definite. I didn’t really clearly decide what I wanted. They were actually vague resolutions.

So get that list of goals for 2015 back out. Clean them up a little. Clearly state what you are going after this year. Don’t be vague. #31WarningSigns

If you want to save money for retirement, get more definite. Say something like, “I will put $100 each month into a savings account on the 5th day of each month.

If you want to drink more water, get more definite. Say something like, “I will buy a water container that holds 24 oz. I will drink 24 oz of water before noon and I will drink 24 oz of water after lunch and I will drink 24 oz of water after dinner each day.”

And so on and so forth. This will help you dodge that warning sign of lack of a well-defined purpose in your life. Of course, this only gives you better definite targets. But what about your purpose?

Deep down inside of you, what is your purpose? Why are you here? Big questions for only the second day of January. We’ll dive deeper into these monstrous questions later. But right now, get those resolutions cleaned up a bit. Make them a bit more definite. And I’ll see you tomorrow!

On with your day people! And remember…

Go. Grow. Give.

Day 3

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