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Warning Signs for the New Year: January 6

The ox is disciplined and works hard for the harvest. The donkey is stubborn and lazy. Which one are you feeding? Before we get into the next warning sign, I wanted to send you a quick questionnaire. We are six days into the month. You’ve had five days of action around these warning signs.

Now on to the next of the 31 Warning Signs. What do you need to be watching out for as you are attacking your New Year’s Resolutions this year? #31WarningSigns


Major Cause of Failure Number 6:

Ill health. No person may enjoy outstanding success without good health. Many of the cases of ill health are subject to mastery and control. These in the main are:

a. Overeating of foods not conducive to health.
b. Wrong habits of thought; giving expression to negatives.
c. Wrong use of, and over indulgence in sex.
d. Lack of proper physical exercise.
e. An inadequate supply of fresh air, due to improper breathing.

– Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Yum. Food. Food is always going to be something that you have to deal with. Every day. Exercise, on the other hand, is not something we MUST engage in. It is a choice. How we use sex can really affect us negatively for the long term.

The two things I would like to focus on though are the habits of thought and breathing technique that Mr. Hill touches on here. I won’t go into too much detail, but I would like to encourage you to take account of two things today.

  1. Which direction do your thoughts typically flow? Mostly positive? Mostly negative?
  2. Do you ever think about your breathing throughout the day?


positive, new, year's, resolution

When you are able to catch a negative thought, can you flip it to positive? Those negative thoughts can really be a downer. Try to bring some positive into that space.

Can you think to take 5 deep breaths five times today? Breath in through your nose until you can’t any more, then exhale for a nice long 10 count. This shouldn’t take you any more than 1 minute. See if you can do that 5 times today.

On with your day people! And remember…

Go. Grow. Give.

Day 7

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