Mark Champion, dream, goal, goal setting, vision

Dare to Dream

It was an August afternoon. My wife and I were talking about the upcoming fall plans. We had a lot going on in our schedules and in our personal journeys in 2014. We wanted to be sure we were headed the direction we wanted to be heading…

So we took inventory of our journey so far. We had been married for four-and-a-half years, ready for what was next…

Dare to Dream

We began to walk out our future on paper and discuss what we could be about for the upcoming season. We came up with some good ideas. We also came up with some bad ideas…mostly mine. And some of our ideas, we decided to talk with others to get some advice. That was helpful for us too.

What is the Dream?

To know what the dream is…now that’s worth a lot, isn’t it?

Dreams for adventure, dreams for relationships, dreams for our life, dreams for our health, dreams for our spirituality, dreams for our finances…lots and lots of dreams!

After using resources that revealed our personalities, other tools that revealed our strengths, and still more ideas that relied on our experiences, we came together to discuss the rest of 2014, and what could possibly happen in 2015.

We began to dream about creating jobs for people. We began to dream about relating deeply with folks and helping people find their ways. Wishes can come true, right?

Dreaming In Color

Dreams can be vivid and colorful. We just need to dream long enough. Today is a great day, any day for that matter, is a great day to let your dreams fly!

Mark Champion, dream, goal, goal setting, vision

What do you want to be when you grow up? Even if you’re “grown up” there is always a next season or a next chapter you can dream about.

So give it a go! Dream! There’s still time on the clock!


  1. Shanda · February 9, 2015

    I love it! The Lord really is brewing up some dreams among us! It’s so exciting!

  2. Heather Cai · February 9, 2015

    Never dare to dream.
    But dare not dream enough. ;-P

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