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What Are Your Goals?

Last time I was talking about my family’s dreams. Loads of them! Today we are going to focus on you! Grab a pen and some paper. This should be fun! A good old Goal Setting Workshop!

What Are Your Goals?

Coming into 2015, I have been on a journey to re-define the direction I am choosing to move. I have enjoyed the process. Making goals is one of my love languages…

Dreams and goals are very similar. So what are they? WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? Let’s start there!

On your paper you have with you, write down “Personal Development Goals.” Under that put “Emotional,” “Mental,” “Social,” “Spiritual,” “Giving,” “Physical,” and any other personal development areas you would like to think about. Be sure to leave some space between each.

On the next page, write down “Things Goals.” Under that put “Things I want to have,” and “Things I want to do.” Make sure to leave some space between each of these as well.

On the third page, write down “Economic Goals.” This is for things like your job, starting a business, educational goals, cashflow goals, etc.

Now what?

Now get to writing!

This is the most fun part of goal-setting for me. This is really where you get to dream on paper. You have an idea? Dump it on the paper. Don’t think it will work? Write it down anyway! Just get to writing down your dreams in regards to the different areas.

Spend about 5 or 10 minutes on Personal Development Goals. Be sure to drain your brain of everything you think about in regards to all of the subsets of Personal Development Goals as well.

After you drain your brain for 5 minutes or so on Personal Development Goals, focus for 5 minutes on your Things Goals. No holds barred. Focus on writing down every material dream you’ve got! The most important thing is to fill up the paper with all of the ideas you’ve got brewing in your head.

The final 5 minutes, settle in on your Economic Goals. What is that you want for your personal finances, your education, your investment strategy, or perhaps opening up that small business you’ve been dreaming about. Put it all down on that third piece of paper.

Mark Champion, goal setting, goals, dreams


You’ve taken the leap! You’ve got three pages of really cool ideas now. Those are quite the list of dreams and goals for your life! What now?

Well, if you want to jump ahead because your momentum is exploding out of you, click here and go to this resource from Tony Robbins. His process of Goal-setting, I can truly say, has changed my life for good.

Next time I’ll walk you through a real-life example from my own life. I will go through the steps that Tony recommends. And I’ll show you how something that I have not been able to do for 38 years, melted away in a matter of days.

Until then, enjoy dreaming. Action is near.

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