Mark Champion, Goals, goal setting, plan, massive action plan, map

Make a New Plan, Stan?

Coming into 2015, I have been on a journey to re-define the direction I am choosing to move. I have enjoyed the process. Making goals is one of my love languages…

Last time we listed a bunch of goals and dreams that meant something to us. I have come to learn that making a goal is not all I need to be successful.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

There is something to be said about dreams/wishes and how they connect with goals. Goals are vital to success, right?

Unless there is no plan.

Dreams and wishes continue to float along without a strategy of how to go after them.

Mark Champion, Goals, goal setting, plan, massive action plan, map

Make a New Plan, Stan

What is your plan to achieve your goals? Paul Simon had a song published called, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” and one of the phrases was, “Make a new plan, Stan.”

For my family, that is what I had to come to. I needed to make a new plan. But my name is nowhere close to being Stan. But I wanted to help you all see my journey, and perhaps it helps yours.

You’ll recall that I wrote down all of my dreams and goals in my personal development (PD), things (T), and my finances (F). This step was very important for actually creating a plan.


With all of these dreams and goals at the ready, what did I do with them? I consulted a consultant named Tony Robbins. Maybe you’ve heard of him. If you want to understand more, read about his 5 Master Steps for Planning an Extraordinary Life.

Remember, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Let’s quit wishing and lets start achieving! It has worked for me and I am excited to share this M.A.P. so that you too may have your own successes.

I am going to use one of my (PD) goals to walk you through the process. Let’s create a Results-Focused, Purpose-Driven, Massive Action Plan with my goal of “I desire to get over my water issue.” I never learned how to swim as a young person. So, here we go:

M.A.P. Questions

1. What do I want? What’s my outcome? What’s the specific result I’m after?

– That’s the easy question. Basically, what’s my goal? But, can I make it more specific? I did. I put a few things to it. I wanted to learn how to swim, learn how to breath properly, learn how to tread water, jump in the deep end of the pool, go snorkeling, go surfing, and go water skiing. Those are the seven specific goals tied to getting over my water issue.

2. Why do I want it? What’s my purpose?

– Here is the paragraph I wrote just before Thanksgiving, 2014, in regards to this question: “By getting over my water issue, I will be able to enjoy time on the water with my wife. I will be able to socialize in more environments. I will be able to enjoy vacations more because swimming is an important part of Julie’s life. AND SURF!” That paragraph seemed compelling enough to me!

3. What’s my massive action plan to get it done?

– With the seven sub-goals stated, that became my MAP with this caveat that Tony Robbins mentioned: “Never leave the goal until you create 1 activity within the next 12-24 hours and act on it. What can you do today? Then take that action today.” Here is what I wrote for my MAP: 1. research adult swim classes; 2. reserve a spot to learn.

That was my new plan, Stan, for that one specific goal. Doing that with all of my goals has created MASSIVE amounts of momentum.

But creating the plan isn’t enough, is it?

Next time I’ll walk you through the next step of the process. It was probably the hardest thing we will ever do in our lives.

Until then, what goals in your life are you willing to have a compelling enough vision for so that you will create a MAP for it? Care to share? If you really want to go deep, check out Tony’s free resource online.

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