FPU Class

We’re getting closer to the date. What date, you ask? The date when my wife and I will be hosting a Financial Peace University class.

Do you know anyone that could use some encouragement in their area of finances? That’s who we are trying to help.

You see, here’s my financial story…

When I graduated high school, I had the opportunity to go to college and study away from home. When I went to this campus I got a few free t-shirts for signing up for different things. One (or three) of those things was the good ol’ credit card!

Those were awesome, right? Free money is how I saw it for sure. The money I spent through that credit card in the first year of college stuck with me for at least 5 more years.

And since I didn’t have too much money myself, I took out a school loan to pay for a semester that I didn’t even finish…bummer.

That stayed with me for about ten years…or a few more…

What a horrendous way to begin my life as a single dude!

In debt. Well if that wasn’t enough, I needed a new car, of course. So I got a great car note. I bought a $12,000 car. At the end of the car note I ended up paying over $28,000 for that car. What a waste of $16,000. I mean, the car was cool and all…it was yellow…but man! It was expensive!

I learned some lessons along the way. I was blessed enough to be able to pay off my car, the last bit of debt, the month before I walked down the aisle and said, “I do.” That was a momentous time I will never forget, writing that last debt check.

With the journey I was given with the ol’ dollar bill, I would love to share more of my story and help more people get out of their predicament. If you’re interested in joining me through a 9-week financial peach journey, let me know through the contact form at the end of this post.

I would love to walk with you or a friend through this season. It will be awesome to celebrate with you as you or someone you know as they work their way out of debt.

Contact me soon with your info or your friend’s info (be sure to ask them first!). I’ll let you know the particulars of the group for you or your friend. We start the first Thursday of April with an introduction session the last Thursday of March. We have room for 6 more people. Hope to hear from you!

While you’re waiting to hear back from me, check out this introduction video!

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