Mark Champion, swim lessons, goal setting

Commit to the Process

You’ve got your goals on a sheet of paper. You’ve made a plan for one or more of them. Now it’s time.

Time to commit.

It’s tough, I know.

But the cool thing is, we get to commit to something! WOOHOO!!

Before I get into that, check out this video to get your mind right! Let’s create some waves this week by committing to shift our desires.

Remember last time I created two plans of action for the goal of learning how to swim. Well, I did those two things. That day I used Google to find different swim classes around the Nashville area. I decided that the YMCA was for me. I emailed the coordinator to get connected and I paid the $200 to get me registered for non-YMCA members.

My next MAP session, I listed this as my Why? paragraph with the idea that we would be going to Key West, FL, for the holidays. “I will learn how to swim because it will expand my relationship with Julie. It will allow me to experience what is a huge part of her life through water-skiing, surfing, and snorkeling.

After that compelling Why?, I came up with these action points: email/call the swim instructor to set up a schedule.

That night I registered for a private swim lesson through December. I was able to schedule 8 swimming lessons at the YMCA downtown with a swim instructor named Donna.

And it began!

We started at 6:45 AM. That was never fun for me, but I had to get up early to work around our schedules. It was good for me. The next MAP session, I had the goal of “Learn how to swim” and the MAP that was simple: take 3 lessons this week.

So I did!

Mark Champion, swim lessons, goal setting

Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6:45 – 7:15 AM I was with Donna. It was on my calendar. I was meeting someone. I was paying for it. I was telling people about it. Lots of ways to stay accountable to the goal. The biggest thing I did was put the item on my calendar.

With your goals, do you put those smaller sub-items on your calendar? SCHEDULE YOUR PLAN. That is a wonderful secret to help make you successful. If we don’t put them on our calendar, other stuff gets in the way. It begins to take precedent over our goals.

Mark Champion, goal setting, goals, Massive Action Plan

Put those things on your calendar! I’m going to keep doing it! Let’s do it together.

Next time, I’ll lay out the final two things from my swimming experience that Tony Robbins advises in his 5 Master Steps for Planning and Extraordinary Life.

Until then, keep your commitments to your goals. What time do you want to go swimming?

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